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    Welcome to the CLR Podcast 030 with Emerson in the mix! Enjoy...

    September 08, 2010

    from the beginning it has been emersons motto not to rest on his laurels and to
    always keep his ears to the street. putting on music, he would not simply stay with
    breakbeat but instead he discovered techno and later-on the slower house adapted
    variants of electronic dance music. this great mixture of sounds still distinguishes emerson's funky and modern style of music . although by now emerson got used to flying from one big city to another, he still likes it best to put on music in berlin after all. here he just feels most comfortable, deeming berlin his artistic home. someone who is a dj, producer and a label manager at the same time does not simply make music, his life is music. he does not want to be the centre of attention, who – with much boasting – boosts his own ego. as such, he actually still remains to be more of a fan than a professionally calculating artist. someone, who loves and lives music and who wants to make other people dance – it all comes down to simply being a datajockey. by now, emerson has released two own artist albums, currently working on the third one, two mix cds (boy got bass 3 has just been reocrded) and over 30 vinyl maxis and various remixes. in addition, he composed an own soundtrack for the hustler porn dj groupie the movie and on and on it goes…