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    This week´s AM/FM show is the third hour of my set that I played at the Nextech Festival in beautiful Florence...

    January 03, 2017

    This week´s AM/FM show is the third hour of my set that I played at the Nextech Festival in beautiful Florence. The venue is a historical place in the center of the city, called Fortezza da Basso. First time I played there was 2002, back then actually for the same promoter. Isn’t it amazing how we manage in this ever-changing world to have places in the Techno scene where some things don’t change and rather develop in a great way over the years? Also amazing was the fact that this year´s event, which happened on December 7th, was sold out beforehand, in spite of the fact that it is actually a rather big venue. I just love Italy :). Maybe you wanna check out the after movie on their Facebook page:

    This time I played a 4h set. Doing this in front of such a large crowd can sometimes be a little intimidating, but not in Florence, not in Italy. The passion and love of the crowd just pushes you to different levels (thank you all again). This paired with an amazing sound system and a sound crew, which consists of true professionals, (another big thanks from my side) is the key to be in a flow that enables you at times to create something special and unique (at least I had the feeling that this was happening in my little world on the stage). Additionally I may add, that playing with my Model One Mixer by PLAYdifferently and running all my sounds through my unbeatable, super tight and stable Antelope Audio Orion 32+ Sound interface creates the best sound that I have ever experienced. I wonder if some of you can spot the difference in sound since I have been using this new setup from about August of this year on, by comparing it with older sets (good thing about AM/FM is that you can go back in time - as I said, it is kind of a musical diary). Also I am becoming more and more familiar with my new Maschine Jam and Maschine Mikro combination by Native Instruments. The more I work with it, the more fun I am having.
    Well, I hope you are having fun too and enjoy listening to the set as much as I had playing it. Next week you will be able to get the 4th and last hour of it.

    Listen and download here