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    This week´s episode is the first hour of our Collabs set at Amsterdam Dance Event at Warehouse Elementenstraat for HYTE on October 22nd...

    October 24, 2016

    This week´s episode is the first hour of our Collabs set at Amsterdam Dance Event at Warehouse Elementenstraat for HYTE on October 22nd. Speedy J and I started around 11:30 pm and played for about 8,5h. So much for the dry facts. This year´s ADE collided with the fall break of German schools. Some of you might know I am a daddy and I like to take my kids on fun trips during their school breaks. So this year we went to Los Angeles. When I booked everything I wasn´t aware that ADE would be at the same time, so I had to plan accordingly, since I didn´t wanna miss my annual Saturday night gig for Hyte.
    My travel schedule is pretty crazy at times, but something like this even I haven´t done before. I left LA on Friday night, flew to Amsterdam via Zürich and went back Sunday morning at 9 the same way, meaning right after the gig. I didn´t even need a hotel. Ok, some of you might think now that flying around the world for one gig is not exactly eco friendly. I know that. But as a vegan, I can assure you, I make up for that CO2 footprint easily, but that is another topic.
    When I arrived in Amsterdam, the first thing I had to do was a photo shoot for Mixmag, who are doing a special on the PLAYdifferently mixers (look out for that issue in December), then it was off to the venue where Speedy J was already waiting and ready to go.

    We never really plan our sets, but we kind of discuss how we wanna start out. Jochem and I agreed on going all in, as the venue was already quite busy and we (due to my slightly delayed arrival) kind of 30 minutes overdue. Now normally I shouldn´t say that, cause it is not really motivating for you listeners, but it took us about 1,5h to find our groove and get into things. So the set got better and better during the night, at least that is how we felt about it. That means that I would rather only play you the set from 2h in, but I keep my promise at AMFM and offer you the unedited sets, the way they were played. So in case you don´t like the first hour, I kindly ask you to stay with me, knowing that things will get better. Maybe I am just too much of my own critic... well you decide for yourself.

    All in all I can say that that whole night was something special. Jochem and I had an amazing time playing and it was a real fantastic crowd that stuck with us from the beginning to the end. Smiles all over. Also thanks to Hyte, for that perfect organization once again. This is how parties should be. So yes, flying in and out from LA for this gig was 100 times worth it and I would always do it again. Thank you all for letting me do this. And sorry that the voiceovers sound a little rough this time, I had to record them very quickly between flights on the airport. Next week you will find the second hour of our set….and remember, it always gets better…

    Listen and download here