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    Sometimes time flies faster when having fun and somehow that applies to this summer...

    September 25, 2016

    Sometimes time flies faster when having fun and somehow that applies to this summer. Is it already end of September? It has been an amazing ride and an intense tour schedule for me lately, and as you might remember from last week´s set report, I sometimes even had difficulties to keep up with the delivery of my radio shows. But still, so far it has always worked out on time, also this week, so here comes the second part of the recording of my set that I recently played at Flash Factory in NYC. It´s no secret that I love NYC and also this time I could rely on the great crowd in that city. Also I wanna mention that it was only the second set (Flash DC being the first) with my new setup. Especially the new Maschine Jam brings a whole new aspect to the sound, so does my soundcard from Antelope_Audio. Well, of course there is much room to improve my skills with the new Maschine, but I am quite happy with how it works so far, even though there is much more potential. Anyways, some of you might hear the difference, even though, yes, I agree, it is still some of the same tracks. Funny is that I still very much enjoy to play them. I also think some of the tracks that I play a lot, I understand better and better, so that I can mix them up with different stuff again and again. Well, the gig at Flash Factory in New York was special for many reasons, so I hope you also enjoy listening to the second hour of it! Next week you will get the third and last hour of that set from September 16th.

    Listen and download here