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    Since 1995, the Love Family Park is not only a main part of Germany´s Techno Scene...

    July 25, 2016

    Since 1995, the Love Family Park is not only a main part of Germany´s Techno Scene, it helped creating it and set standards for outdoor electronic music festivals and especially for the music style itself, that would influence a whole generation of sun and outdoor loving party crowds.
    In 2013 Cosmopop, the promoter that also runs Time Warp, decided to add a "tent" floor to the so far only outdoor stages. This way, Adam Beyer and myself were booked for the first time at LFP, a festival right next to my hometown, that I only visited before as a guest for almost 20 years. It was a great first year in the tent and I have been a regular "tent-closer" since then. But the next two years didn't go so well. In 2014, some of you still might remember, a very heavy storm hit the location late in the evening and only thanks to the professional work of Cosmopop and their amazing team, organising the evacuation, no one really got hurt. I remember ducking with a couple of other people behind a big trash container, trying not to get hit by stuff flying around. It was surreal, like a movie scene and even a day later we were still all quite in shock from what had happened so quickly. Half way during my set, I was told to announce over the mike, that everyone had to leave the tent as quickly as possible and shall head to the exits. At first I thought it was a joke, but when the first wave hit and the tent started to shake and sway, we all ran like crazy and as mentioned before, hid under a trash container for a while.
    In 2015 it was a terrible heat wave with up to 46 degrees and you can imagine how nicely hot it was in a tent.
    This year 2016 was different. The vibe and the mood in the tent were out of this world and I had so much fun as never before. To top the night of, we all ended up watching the penalty shoot out between Italy and Germany of the Euros. I was sitting next to a good Italian friend from Napoli, who almost died of a heart attack.
    The recordings of my set from this evening in Mainz are the two AM/FM Shows in the last two weeks of July. Today´s show contains the second part and the last hour and a half. Hope you enjoy!

    Listen and download here