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    Welcome to the CLR Podcast 077 with Phil Kieran in the mix! Enjoy...

    September 09, 2010

    Belfast born Phil Kieran is back once again with a big schedule of quality output and some new labels including his own Phil Kieran recordings.
    After the mammoth ‘SHH’ debut long player project released on cocoon earlier this year to critical acclaim and a successful world tour, playing his forward thinking live avsets in some of the biggest clubs around, Kieran didnt want to look back and rest on his laurels he decided to jump back into the studio locking himself away for weeks on end putting together a large amount of output to push over to some labels he has been liking for a number of years. From these tracks produced Kieran has signed 3 eps to Snork Enterprises, Electric Deluxe and International DJ Gigolo.
    This happened very quickly giving him some time to look forward to the next project that he has been wanting to put to bed for a number of years ‘Skyhook’.
    Originally never making any remixes of the massive chart smasher he had lots of requests from various people to rework the track. Without having a label to put it out Phil dismissed this as something that he might look at in the future.
    The skyhook remixes have been produced by Jesper Dalhback & Adam Beyer, Ricardo Tobar, Scuba Vs SCB, Green Velvet and Felix Martin who you will know from Hot Chip infamy.
    This is a project put together to kick start his label Phil Kieran Recordings and also finally end the request to re-release Skyhook.

    Jens Zimmermann „white treasures“ - snork
    Silent Servent “untitled“ - Sandwell District
    Phil Kieran „ empty vessels“ - Electric Deluxe
    Phil Kieran „bells and spells“ - Snork
    patrick lyndsy „ dr doese wanderleigier“ - Snork
    Phil Kieran „ Pure Tension“ - Snork
    Norman „Bouncer“ - Relax 2000 Records
    Pfirter „Arcon“ – Stroboscopic
    Terrence Fixmer „Artifacts Drastic (Planetary Assault System)“ - Electric Deluxe
    Phil Kieran „Skyhook(Adam Beyer & Jesper Dahlback)“ Phil Kieran Recordings
    Phil Kieran Skyhook (Ricardo Tobar)