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    Welcome to the CLR Podcast 076 with Chris Liebing in the mix! Enjoy...

    September 09, 2010

    Chris Liebing´s first Omen set ever - 24.11.1995

    Welcome to this week´s CLR Podcast. Let me take you on a little personal history tour this time. You might know that I am normally more about "new" music, rather than "old" music, or one could say that I am pretty much the wrong DJ to book for a "classics" night, but here I am, very happily making an exception.
    A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon an old box in my basement. In this box I found a tape (yes, one of these old things with two holes and actual tape on a reel) with a white sticker that showed "Omen 24.11.95" on it. I realized that on this Friday night, almost 15 years ago, I had my very first gig at the famous club.
    At that time I was randomly DJing at little clubs and worked main time for EYE Q Records in Frankfurt, when I was asked by DJ Good Groove (at that time label manager at EYE Q) if I could fill in for DJ Pauli (today label manager of Cocoon Recordings), who suffered a stomach flu. It was Friday afternoon and I was basically the last person to get asked, since all other regular resident DJs didn't have time.
    Of course I agreed, and lucky for me, the night went so well, that I quickly became a resident at this famous club in the heart of Frankfurt myself. In the last three years of this club (it had to close down in October 1998) I was able to play along some of the finest international guests and also opened various times for Sven and DJ Dag - as well as having my own nights, where I invited artists like for example Adam Beyer or The Advent.
    Looking back to these precious 3 years of my career, I would say it was the best DJ school one could ever ask for. I played warm up sets, long sets, short sets, peak time sets, morning sets and chill in and out sets, all in front of a knowing crowd on one of the best sound systems at that time.
    So it really is quite a discovery, which I made in my basement, and I am happy to be able to share this with you on our CLR Podcast.
    I am curious what you think. Were the old times really better then today? How much has changed in style and sound? A lot? Nothing? Are we going in circles? Maybe you could send me some feedback on Facebook or Twitter, since we have not yet managed to install a forum on our Website (soon to come…).

    Ok, so what you can hear on the published CLR Podcast are 60 min of that tape recording, including some comments of mine. In case you are interested to hear the whole 90 min without my talk, you can download it for free on our website, you just need to register. The set is so old, that I do not think anyone will mind. Sorry about the sound quality at times, but remember the tape is 15 years old.
    Now lean back and enjoy - and by the way, in case someone can come up with a complete track listing, that would be very much appreciated :)

    Peace and fun,

    Chris Liebing