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    Welcome to the CLR Podcast 072 with Decimal in the mix! Enjoy...

    September 09, 2010

    David Spacek is a Chicago based artist presenting an energetic hybrid dancefloor sound with a strong techno spirit.
    Years of experience as a live performance artist has given him a unique edge that brims with an unrestrained energy driving beyond a normal club environment. Multiple releases on Soma Recordings and Enemy Records have brought his music to the attention of some of the world's most influential and respected DJs, listeners, and to the ears of thousands of clubbers and fans. The relentless forward energy, surprising directions, and powerful vibes of the Decimal sound have led him to tour across the United States and abroad and stamped a unique mark on the globalelectronic scene.

    1. Allan Nonamak - Thistle
    2. Harvey Mckay - Welshy Arms
    3. Phil Kieran - Playing with Shadows (Kevin Gorman remix)
    4. Kiko & Gino's - Lagos City
    5. Allan Nonomak - Harlequin
    6. Joel Mull & Dustin Zahn - What Do You See?
    7. Sidney Frost - Moki
    8. Jerome Sydenham, Function, Dav - Two Ninety One
    9. Alan Fitzpatrick - Gridlock
    10. Gary Beck - Timeline
    11. Harvey Mckay - Shift
    12. Michaelangelo - Dimensional Wormhole
    13. Holgi Star - Don't Feel It (Sweet N Candy remix)
    14. Kevin Gorman - Shakey Stripped
    15. Chris Liebing - Auf und Ab (Decimal & Dustin Zahn remix)
    16. Alex Bau - Full Method Jacket (Chris Liebing repaint)
    17. Sourcecode - Trinity
    18. Angstrom & Aalberg - Cockroach (Pfirter remix)
    19. Jubilee - Histamine (Deepak Sharma & Dieter Krause remix)