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    Welcome to the CLR Podcast 071 with Drumcell in the mix! Enjoy...

    September 09, 2010

    DJ/producer Drumcell is co-founder of the popular Los Angeles based techno collective Droid Collective and one of the scene's biggest champions of an emerging hard, lean American minimal sound. His sound is a combination of needles-in-the-red aggressiveness coupled to an austere framework of dark electronic funk. An avowed technologist, Drumcell brings together the best elements of live performance and a traditional DJ set by exploiting recent breakthroughs in both software and mixer technology. His recent collaboration with Audio Injection entitled "Cell Injection" caught the attention of many DJ tastemakers including Speedy J and Richie Hawtin, signalling that the international community has now caught on to this new American sound. This fact, along with a main stage performance at this year's Movement Festival in Detroit, are growing proof that Drumcell is poised to become the artist to watch in 2010.