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    It is Monday the 2nd of March 2015 and we have Terence Fixmer back on the CLR Podcast ...

    March 02, 2015

    CLR Podcast 314 – Terence Fixmer

    It is Monday the 2nd of March 2015 and we have Terence Fixmer back on the CLR Podcast, celebrating the release of his brand-new album DEPTH CHARGED, which is exclusively out on beatport since last week, and which will be released on all digital portals, CD and vinyl next week. In a career that spans two entire decades, Terence Fixmer has produced numerous genre-defining classics, has toured the planet continuously and has reached worldwide recognition and praise. It has often been quoted that his music maintains musical depth and integrity, even in a club- or festival-context, and that it appeals as much to dancing feet, as it does to the searching soul. DEPTH CHARGED, his fifth solo album, proves this claim with certainty and excellence. If you would like to know more about Terence Fixmer, his music and his tour schedule, please visit:






    Listen and download here

    Tracklist CLR Podcast 314 – Terence Fixmer

    1) Terence Fixmer : Fleeting Beauty (CLR)

    2) Deepbass : Moha (Soma rec)

    3) DJ Datch & Krys : Dopamine (ATT series)

    4) Fabrizio Lapiana: Dfract (Attic)

    5) Planetary Assault System : Arc (Mote Evolver)

    6) DAF : EL Que

    7) Terence Fixmer : Inside Of Me (CLR)

    8) Shifted: Arrangement in Monochrome 2 (Avian)

    9) Svreca : Mountain Splitter (Semantica)

    10) Echologist : New Strain (Planete Rouge)

    11) SNTS : 19.1 (Edit Select)

    12) FBK : PAst Ownership (MDR)

    13) Hubot : XX (Planete Rouge)

    14) Ben Gibson : Informa Experiment Vol 2 (Informa rec)

    15) Terence Fixmer : Unforeseen (CLR)