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    It is Monday the 19th of January 2015 and today we have another local hero on the CLR Podcast ...

    January 19, 2015

    CLR Podcast 308 – Dean Paul

    It is Monday the 19th of January 2015 and today we have another local hero on the CLR Podcast, this time it´s the Los Angeles native, resident DJ/producer for DROID BEHAVIOR, Dean Paul De Leon. Dean incorporates the culture and diversity he experiences through travel and everyday life into his passion for music, photography and technology. Exposed to the electronic scene early on, he transitioned easily from part of the crowd to part of the movement and has been a driving force in the thriving and steadily growing Techno scene of Los Angeles for many years. Since the early 2000s Dean is also a dedicated and skillful producer who is restlessly exploring new ground to perfect his remarkable talents. As a DJ he has played alongside some of the most renowned artists in the scene and his innovative style is continuously gaining him respect from his peers, producers and fellow musicians. If you would like to find out more about Dean Paul and DROID BEHAVIOR, please visit the following sites:







    Listen and download here

    Track-listing – CLR Podcast 308 – Dean Paul

    1. Immolare- Sandwell District

    2. Shibuya (Original Mix)- Phantom Network

    3. Mars Guidebook-30drop

    4. Ode To A Model-Voiski

    5. Nomad (Original Mix)- Bobs

    6. Dynamic Ground (Xpansul's Stabbed To Death Mix)- Michele Ciuoffo, Marc Troit-8

    7. WURLY (Original Mix)- Vladw

    8. Bombone (Original Mix)- Dany T

    9. Data 1997 (Original Mix)- Cardao

    10. Sings (Original Mix)- Joton

    11. Phonic (Original Mix)- YYYY

    12. Polytope-Kelvin Storn

    13. Abnormal (DOUBT Remix)- Axkan

    14. Mental_Block- Lex_Gorrie

    15. Violencia (Kalon Mix)- Silent Servant