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    It is Monday the 6th of October and we have Rebekah back on the CLR Podcast ...

    October 06, 2014

    CLR Podcast 293 – Rebekah

    It is Monday the 6th of October and we have Rebekah back on the CLR Podcast. Today her first sampler EP in CLR´s new “Mind Sets” series is released in all the shops, while the second sampler is released exclusively on beatport. The two EP´s feature exclusive tracks from Perc, Pfirter, Brian Sanhaji, Operator, Dark Chambers, Dualit, Bas Mooy and herself. The one and a half hours long mix compilation, which is the remaining part of this new format will be out in November. Rebekah has been conquering the hearts of countless music lovers and party people worldwide with her dynamic blend of electronic music. She is an internationally requested artist who spends most of her remaining time working on her own music and has quickly gained respect amongst her peers for her uncompromising trademark style as a producer. The present mix is a studio recording, which is slightly different to her forthcoming “Mind Sets” compilation mix. It is a selection of more dark industrial techno. If you would like to know more about Rebekah´s upcoming releases and tour dates, please visit:



    Listen and download here

    TRACKLIST – Rebekah – CLR Podcast 293

    1) Stephanie Sykes - Hypo - FullPanda

    2) Keith Carnal - Objectve (Joel Mull Stripped Remix) - Affin

    3) Cassegrain - Yokai - Prologue

    4) Killawatt - Jack and his Magic Beans - Osiris

    5) Manni Dee - Relieve the Routine - Malta Red

    6) Sigha - Loop 6 - Avian

    7) Antonio Ruscito - Termosfera - Resiliens

    8) Orphx - What will Burn - Sonic Groove

    9) UVB - Zakaje n - Mord

    10) Lewis Fatuzi - Spectral Lines - Figure

    11) Slam - Factory Music (Hans Bouffmyhre remix) - Soma

    12) Regis - Unnatural Selection - Downwards

    13) Manni Dee - A Lovers Rhetoric - Candela Rising

    14) Uretan - At the Rotary Club (Kommune1 remix)

    15) Perc - Tri-City - Stroboscopic Artefacts

    16) Dax J - 5th Dimension - Unreleased

    17) Henning Baer - Cer - Sonc Groove

    18) Plukk - Size 100 (Rvde remix) - B55

    19) UVB - Neuronal - Mord

    20) Valent. - Mantra - Subcircles

    21) AnD - Photon Visibility Function - Electric Deluxe

    22) Henning Baer - 14VAC - K209

    23) Ugandan Methods - Between a Sleep and a Sleep - Ancient Methods

    24) Function, Vatican Shadow - Bejeweled Body - Hospital Productions