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    With Us In Amsterdam :: CHRIS LIEBING // Interview

    September 30, 2014

    1. When was the first time you played in Amsterdam?

    That is a really good question, which I cannot answer as it is apparently very long ago, and obviously it´s Amsterdam and my memory plays tricks on me… Maybe we could turn this into a quiz question – who knows when I played the first time in Amsterdam?

    2. What is your fondest ADE memory?

    Most definitely my fondest ADE memory happened last year. I had the pleasure of playing alongside Daniel Miller, the mastermind and boss of Mute Records, the man who did discover bands such as Depeche Mode, among many others. He played at our party and I managed to have a three hours dinner with him. I could finally ask him all the questions I always wanted to ask him. That was amazing.

    3. What do you think of when you think of a “Warehouse Party?” What does that mean to you?

    To me, warehouses stand for the basic principles of throwing a House or a Techno party. Before there were clubs where you could play House and Techno, people hijacked empty warehouses, put a sound system inside and had a party. It is always an amazing vibe. I love it!

    4. Anything special you have planned for your ADE set this year?

    This is a question I get asked a lot and I have to say that I never really plan anything for my gigs. It comes out of the moment. Sometimes I think about a gig beforehand and I might have one or two special tracks that I do not want to miss, but usually I let the moment decide what is happening. I am always really well prepared, to put it that way, so no matter what is happening, I can very much adjust in real time to what I need to do.

    5. What’s your favourite thing to do in Amsterdam (that isn’t performing?)

    Walking around these beautiful little streets with the beautiful little Grachten (town canals). It´s especially fun when it´s summer and the sun is shining, when you can just hang out, have a coffee, chill out and relax.

    Saturday, Oct. 18

    CLR pres. Chris Liebing

    Warehouse Elementenstraat

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