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    It is Monday the 11th of August 2014 and we have ROD on the CLR Podcast ....

    August 11, 2014

    CLR Podcast 285 – ROD

    It is Monday the 11th of August 2014 and we have a returning guest on the CLR Podcast. ROD is the alter-ego of Rotterdam based Benny Rodrigues, currently one of the most popular and inspiring electronic music artists of the Netherlands. Known for his versatility, Benny has chosen this additional artist name to clearly define the more Techno oriented side of his musical identity. The present recording was a warm-up for Chris Liebing´s 5 hours set at Toffler in Rotterdam on June 6th, where ROD put the focus on building an atmosphere with abstract ambient soundscapes, broken electronics & deeper Techno, before Chris and Speedy J, who also teamed up for a two hours long Collabs set in the course of the night, took the people to the next level. With his vast knowledge of music, his undying love for Techno and his sharp taste, ROD is firmly placing himself in the top tier of the new school generation of Techno artists. He has some exciting releases lined up on MDR, Drumcode, CLR and Semantica, so if you would like to inform yourself about his dj- and release-schedule, please visit the following sites:





    Listen and download here