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    Yeah, it's Monday again... 30th of June 2014! Welcome to the CLR Podcast 279 with a dj set from Raíz! Enjoy...

    June 30, 2014

    CLR Podcast 279 – Raíz

    It is Monday the 30th of June 2014 and today we have Vangelis and Vidal Vargas pka Raíz back on the CLR Podcast, two well-known producers and label owners from Los Angeles who have performed worldwide from North America to Europe to Japan. Through their connection with Drumcell they developed the label, production group and music collective Droid Behavior, which has become one of the most important institutions for Techno in the United States. Aside from curating forward thinking events such as Interface, Raíz have released affective music on labels including Electric Deluxe, Historia Y Violencia, Droid Recordings and their own label VRV. As performers, Raíz fully harness the capabilities of technology to create a thick blend of Detroit-influenced Techno and hard, gritty House. Years of production experience inform their Live PA / Digital DJ hybrid approach, as they layer each track’s core essentials and live improvisation to craft sets into a unique and narrative arch. Their releases follow suit, drawing from their musical training and diverse influences, to shape elegant and deep tracks. The present set was recorded on the third day of the Detroit Movement Festival at the Underground Stage. Raíz have just released two EPs in June and have a European tour lined up in October. If you would like to know more about Raíz and their upcoming projects, please visit:


    Listen and download here

    CLR Podcast 279 - Tracklist – Raíz

    1. Esteban - Rise and shine
    2. Wk7 - hardcore mix (Loop)
    3. Truncate - breakdown
    3. Raiz - Transcend 1
    4. Crackerjack - wild shit!
    5. Moire - Bboy 202
    6. Light year - pumpt
    7. Samuli Kemppi - Resonant object
    8. Horizontal Ground 02
    9. Astonimical telegram - tool pt. 3
    10. Kwartz - suspension
    11. Plural - Freak
    12. TWR72 - Paste
    13. Phuture 303 - rejoice2Freedom
    14. confessions(benjamin Damage remix)
    15. LDV - Climb the Walls (techno remix)
    16. Brett Johnson - Sex with Machines
    17. WK7 - Avalanche
    18. christian wunsch - ionoized
    19. murdoc - street corner
    20. PVS - JP-026
    21. pacific blue - industry 1
    22. modern - 07
    23. VRV
    24. J. Tijn - Yearn
    25. Jonas Kopp - Living Dead
    26. Clouds - 3 Talisman destroyer
    27. Daz Sound / Ben Tisdall - DB express
    28. Robert Hood - Phobia (re-Plant)
    29. MCM -versatile Styles
    30. Paul johnson - come and get it
    31. Deeon - like that
    32. SPX - transmission
    33. beltram - 252
    34. white label
    35. DJ Misjah - psycho city
    36. Audio injection - outburst
    37. Blacknecks - theme for black necks
    38. Domina – Domina