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    Yeah, it's Monday again... 7th of April 2014! Welcome to the CLR Podcast 267 with a dj set from Mark Broom! Enjoy...

    April 07, 2014

    CLR Podcast 267 – Mark Broom

    It is Monday the 7th of April 2014 and we welcome back the British Techno musician and DJ Mark Broom on the CLR Podcast. Broom first got in touch with Chicago House and Acid House when he was travelling to Tenerife during the Second Summer Of Love in 1989. On his arrival back in the UK he bought his first record players and started his musical career. In 1994 he founded the label Pure Plastic Recordings together with fellow musician Dave Hill, where he released his first album “Angie Is A Shoplifter” in 1996. He and Dave Hill also formed the project Rue East and released two albums and numerous tracks under this and various different monikers. Over a time span of 25 years, Mark Broom has been busy on the road, in the studio and as the co-founder of various influential Techno imprints. He is a frequent remixer for internationally renowned artists such as Dubfire, Edit Select, Wally Lopez and Ken Ishii. If you would like to know more about Mark Broom and his current projects and tour dates, please visit the following sites:


    Listen and download here

    Tracklist CLR Podcast 267 – Mark Broom

    1) Lodbrock_Perfekt Ire
    2) Alfredo Caforio _M03
    3) Dario Zenker_Growin
    4) Eric Martin_Emergency Paul Mac Edit
    5) Hank Jackson_Palee Hit
    6) Sssn02
    7) AVN013_A1
    8) Transhuman_Physical Death
    9) Jonas Kopp_White Loft
    10) Ghosttek_No Person Is a island
    11) Kazuya Kawakami_Haunt
    12) Robert Hood_Untitled 1 Mark Broom Edit
    13) Robert Hood_Metroplex Mark Broom Edit
    14) Mark Broom_Chapter 24
    15) War made Easy
    16) Jeff Mills_Force Universelle
    17) Fatcat records_Grain Remix (MB Edit)
    18) Truncate TWR72_Frame
    19) Robert Hood_All Day Long
    20) Truncate_Jack_Mark Broom's Bonus Mix
    21) Aiken_Gathered
    22) Robert Hood_Superman
    23) Chancellor_Overwater
    24) Robert Hood_The Figure
    25) Mark Broom_Untitled
    26) Robert Hood_One Touch Mark Broom Edit
    27) Aiken_Dismal
    28) Tobias Van Hoffman_Swinger1
    29) Tobias Van Hoffman_Swinger2
    30) R&B_BC3
    31) Robert Gorl_Mark Broom Edit
    32) Jeff Mills_?
    33) JC_Endurance
    34) Z.I.P.P.O_There's A Man Edit
    35) Robert Hood_?
    36) AE_Andy Stott_Mark Broom Edit