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    Yeah, it's Monday again... 24th of February 2014! Welcome to the CLR Podcast 261 with a dj set from Flug! Enjoy...

    February 24, 2014

    CLR Podcast 261 – Flug

    It is Monday the 24th of February 2014 and we have Argentina born and Barcelona based Sebastian Lopez aka Flug for the first time on the CLR Podcast. Over the last ten years, Flug has positioned himself in the global Techno scene as one of the most promising producers and performers. He has been an integral part of the Argentine and Barcelona scene and his productions have made it into the playlists of some of the most acclaimed international artists. You can find his work on labels such as Stockholm Ltd, Sleaze, SINO, Enemy and very soon he will release four original tracks on the “Sincrodestino EP” on CLR. His main label is Glasgow's Sleaze Records where he has released countless songs and the very first album of the imprint. The present set has been recorded live, last Thursday at CLR´s weekly Disturbance party in Berlin. If you would like to know more about Flug, his upcoming gigs and releases, please visit the following sites:


    Listen and download here

    Playlist Flug - CLR Podcast 261:

    01 The Transhumans - Stimulus1 (Übermensch_Rmx) [Transhuman Records]
    02 Ricardo Garduno - Guilties (Original Mix) [Brood Audio]
    03 Forgotten Guilt (Original Mix) - Drumcell [CLR]
    04 Chevel - Entanglement [Non Series]
    05 Kwartz - 22.0 (Original Mix) [Serial Number]
    06 Steve Parker - Load (Truss Remix) [Synewave]
    07 Darko Esser - Clean Slate (Lucy Remix) [Curle Recordings]
    08 Positive Merge - Test (Perthil & Aerts Remix) [9Volt]
    09 Stanislav Tolkachev - Yes Today (Original Mix) [Pohjola]
    10 Dj Sodeyama - Underwater (Jonas Kopp Remix) [ECI Korea]
    11 Pfirter - New State Of Consciousness (Oscar Mulero Remix) [Mindtrip]
    12 Spherical Coordinates - SCDLS-17 (Original Mix) [Token]
    13 Felix Lorusso - Unnamed (Original Mix) [Promo]
    14 Ricardo Garduno - Patience (Original Mix) [Brood Audio]
    15 Emerson - Audiopot (Flug Remix) [Analytic Trail]
    16 Stefano Infusino - Atypical Dark Matter (Original Mix) [Amazone Records]
    17 Flug - Sincrodestino (Original Mix) [CLR]
    18 Petter B - Guns For Hire [H-Productions]
    19 Drumcell Speak Silence (Brian Sanhaji Remix) [CLR]
    20 Subjected - Nastes [Prosthetic Pressing]
    21 Jose Pouj - Stealth (Jonas Kopp Remix) [Injected Poison]
    22 Conrad Van Orton - Cornelia (Sleeparchive Remix) [RSVD]
    23 Sleeparchive - 7 (Original Mix) [Tresor]
    24 Alan W. Watts - What if Monet Were no Object Acapella
    25 Exium / Reeko - Electrica Phenomena [Pole Group]
    26 Flug - The Following (Original Mix) [CLR]
    27 Impact Unit - Trauma (Pfirter Remix) [Silent Steps]
    28 Alexander D’niel - Kingdom (Original Mix) [Nu Label]
    29 Hans Bouffmyhre & Flug - Cerebral [Unreleased]
    30 Hans Bouffmyhre - Dominator [Sleaze Records]
    31 Wirrwarr - Static Flux (Flug Remix) [NullDreiBig 030]
    32 Xhei - Self Contained (Original Mix) [Unknow Territory]
    33 Flug - XLR (Original MIx) [Micro.fon]
    34 Petter B - Edit Pilaf (Original Mix) [H-Productions]
    35 Matt Saderlan - Valve (Original Mix) [Tono Limited]
    36 Truncate - 31 (Jonas Kopp Remix) [Gynoid Audio]
    37 Yan Cook - Intruder [Vokodek Music]
    38 Kraftwerk - Computer World [EMI]