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    CLR Best of 2013 Compilation

    December 20, 2013

    An eventful year is coming to an end and CLR takes the opportunity to look back and celebrate with the release of a truly outstanding compilation.

    For those who have been following the label´s musical output over the years, the present "Best Of 2013" represents a logical step in the evolution of the renowned German Techno imprint. What started off as an exclusive release platform for the peak time tracks of Chris Liebing and some of his friends in 1999, finally went through a drastic change in the year of the label´s 10th anniversary.

    In 2009 "Chris Liebing Recordings" turned into "Create Learn Realize" and opened up to a whole new approach towards this ever-evolving, ever-intriguing electronic sound we call Techno. Over the last four years several highly talented artists have entered the CLR roster and have proven themselves over and over as DJs and producers.

    "Best Of 2013" mostly contains tracks by those artists who also form part of the label´s booking agency, but also a couple of other CLR releases, such as Chris Liebing´s personal summer anthem "Eclipse" by Spanish Techno shooting star Psyk and the Dasha Rush remix of Traversable Wormhole´s "Universal Time". All of the tracks have been released on EPs and albums throughout this particularly productive year. If you are wondering why no original tracks by label-head Chris Liebing have been included in this selection, you should know that he actually mixed down most of the included tracks in his studio in Frankfurt, taking a step back from producing own material but using all of his experience and skills to give the music of those inspiring artists the best possible sonic representation.

    When the abbreviation "CLR" received a new meaning and started to stand for "Create Learn Realize", a profound reformation took place and changed the label philosophy for good. "Best Of 2013" is a vivid manifestation of this more eclectic and open-minded spirit, which can also be felt whenever and wherever the label crew goes out to host one of its popular events.

    2013 was the year of a whole string of excellent releases by several label artists and it is no coincidence that our latest new member Drumcell ended up being one of the main protagonists of this compilation. His brilliant debut album "Sleep Complex" and the corresponding remixes have received massive praise in the Techno world and it is only fair to present you some of those great tracks in this context. The other equally exceptional artists who have contributed to this project are Black Asteroid, Monoloc, Pfirter, Tommy Four Seven, Brian Sanhaji, Rebekah and Terence Fixmer. Each one of them has a very personal, haunting story to tell and they best express it in their music.

    If you are a friend of cutting edge electronic music you should definitely pay attention to this generous compilation of 15 top notch tracks by some of today´s most significant Techno players.

    Get your copy here.