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    Yeah, it's Monday again... 4th of November 2013! Welcome to the CLR Podcast 245 with a dj set from Daniel Miller! Enjoy...

    November 04, 2013

    CLR Podcast 245 – Daniel Miller

    It is Monday the 4th of November 2013 and we have Daniel Miller for the first time on the CLR Podcast. It is actually the very first podcast the founder of the legendary independent label Mute Records has ever released, which makes the occasion even more special than it is already for us. Chris Liebing and the CLR team are completely psyched about the fact that this iconic musician, DJ, producer and label-head not only played on our recent ADE party, but also went to the Mute studios afterwards to record the present mix. It is loosely based on the mentioned performance at the Studio 80 in Amsterdam and if you would like to know how much Chris Liebing enjoyed meeting one of his true heroes, you only have to listen to the voiceovers of the present podcast. There is just too much to say about this man who has discovered, signed and produced several highly influential bands since the late 70s, including the undisputed and still relevant Depeche Mode. Daniel Miller completely embraced the Punk ethics of “Do It Yourself” but eventually saw the synthesizer as the ultimate conclusion of the whole Punk idea. Instead of a guitar and the ability to play a couple of chords, you just needed a cheap synthesizer, no skills at all and only your imagination to create something unique and amazing. His enthusiasm for electronic sounds is still unbroken and we are very excited to present you this exclusive DJ mix. For more information on Mute Records and Daniel Miller´s truly faszinating life story, just start with the below mentioned links and take it from there:

    Wikipedia Daniel Miller

    Mute Records

    Listen and download here