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    CLR ADE 2013 :: Interview with Daniel Miller

    October 17, 2013

    CLR is back in Amsterdam for another edition of the label's artist showcases TONIGHT - Saturday, October 19th. The event is taking place in a new venue, the Studio 80 warehouse, with a lineup including Chris Liebing, Daniel Miller, Tommy Four Seven, Monoloc, Juan Sanchez, Dimi Angelís and many more.

    Leading up to the event, CLR is releasing a series of interviews with the artists. The last interview of the series features Daniel Miller...

    When the ADE team announced the first round of artists taking part in the event, it almost read like a “who is who” in today´s electronic music scene. What exactly do you think makes the ADE that attractive for DJs as well as music lovers and music business people from all over the world?

    It's a great opportunity to network with your peers, meet new people, listen and learn from the wide variety of panels and discussions and obviously, the most important thing: there's lots of great music at ADE.

    There is an ongoing discussion about commercial music and underground music, credible sound and mainstream sound. How would you describe the difference between the current underground sound and the so-called mainstream, and what do you consider to be “authentic” and “credible” electronic music?

    I think the ground is constantly changing - the underground often becomes mainstream very quickly, although it rarely goes the other way.

    It's not just about what is underground or mainstream, or what is authentic or credible, the only music that is credible is made with passion and from the heart and not for commercial reasons.

    Is there an artist or a band that has influenced you in your childhood and/or youth, you will always admire as one or some of your musical heroes? (please tell us a little bit about this artist or band)

    There are so many artists who have influenced me over the years. Artists from when I was a kid, the early '60s British pop of The Beatles, The Kinks, Rolling Stones, through to the Krautrock of Can, Neu! and Faust, through to the pure electronics of Kraftwerk. Each have influenced me greatly.

    You are successfully producing and releasing your own music. What would you recommend a young person who is just beginning? This could be something from your life-experience in the business, or something technical, like for example what kind of equipment you would start off with if you would start to produce music right now?!

    I last produced my own music in 1979! Although I am delighted to be releasing other people's music.

    There are so many different ways to make music these days, it's really hard to recommend something that would work for everyone. Of course the obvious route now is with a computer, and a good DAW (I use Ableton Live), but that is not the only route and it really depends on the music you want to make. I'm still a big fan of electronic music where analog synthesisers are played live and to expand on the answer to the earlier question: to be successful requires a lot of skill, passion and most of all luck. But to make your luck you have to be passionate and very single minded indeed.

    Do you have any special ADE memories?

    If you remember ADE, you weren't there!



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