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    CLR ADE 2013 :: Interview with Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorf

    October 16, 2013

    CLR is back in Amsterdam for another edition of the label's artist showcases on Saturday, October 19th. The event is taking place in a new venue, the Studio 80 warehouse, with a lineup including Chris Liebing, Daniel Miller, Tommy Four Seven, Monoloc, Juan Sanchez, Dimi Angelís and many more.

    Leading up to the event, CLR is releasing a series of interviews with the artists. Next up is Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorf...

    You have been witnessing and actively taking part in Amsterdam´s Techno scene for quite a few years now. What would be the most crucial change in the local scene in the last ten years, and how would you explain it?

    Most crucial change is the quick rise of “new DJs”, “new labels” and “new promoters” The new generation smartly uses social media platforms to quickly build their own fanbase. The success story here is “I Can do it myself”…. because of this reason there has been a major shift from big mega festivals and parties to more cozy small individual minded events. Same story for DJ’s. because of all those more scattered smaller parties and organizations, there’s more room / playing slots for starting dj’s. The result is: the more competition, the more artistic originality will eventually stand out.

    Even though this is an often asked question, what is your take on digital DJs versus vinyl DJs? Do you agree with any of the die-hard positions on the topic or do you have a different opinion in between of them?

    To be honest, we don’t really pick a side here. We welcome the new technical developments. We prefer to play music from vinyl, but playing CDJ’s has it’s advantages too. However we think it’s important we release our own music on vinyl, because we like the physical aspect of it and because it won’t get lost in time. Usb/Mp3/cd’s do get lost in time. From a music collector kind of view, this is really important. When we’re 80 year old we can see ourselves having a big wall of records we can walk alongside and pick a sleeve. Sweet memories will turn up for sure!!

    Does the Techno scene represent anything rebellious to you, and if so, how would you describe this rebellious aspect?

    Rebellious, yes! But mainly because of it’s originators in Detroit. Everybody knows their story and it’s rebellious for sure. For Jasper and myself personally, the best techno music from nowadays, maintains this rebellious aspect, in that it is futuristic yet timeless at the same time.

    When you look back a couple of years, what is the most significant change you noticed in the electronic music scene?

    The electronic music scene is constantly changing, but like everything on earth, changes in music in the long run have a “looped” base. Over short time music seems to evolve, and off course audio quality, technical aspects, and producing gear evolve by time, but it’s inherent to the people’s mind that all things are looped in a returning circle kind of way. For example oldschool production gear used back 30 years ago is getting more and more popular again. A real significant change still has to come since the beginning of electronic music.



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