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    CLR ADE 2013 :: Interview with Chris Liebing

    October 16, 2013

    CLR is back in Amsterdam for another edition of the label's artist showcases on Saturday, October 19th. The event is taking place in a new venue, the Studio 80 warehouse, with a lineup including Chris Liebing, Daniel Miller, Tommy Four Seven, Monoloc, Juan Sanchez, Dimi Angelís and many more.

    Leading up to the event, CLR is releasing a series of interviews with the artists. Next up is CLR label boss Chris Liebing...

    When the ADE team announced the first round of artists taking part in the event, it almost read like a “who is who” in today´s electronic music scene. What exactly do you think makes the ADE that attractive for DJs as well as music lovers and music business people from all over the world?

    It´s really interesting to see the evolution of ADE over the last years. It draws more and more attention from all over the world and it´s actually a very justified attention. First of all the city of Amsterdam is an amazing city and I could not imagine a better place than Holland to host this kind of event, a country that has such an amazing music and party history. The capital of this country is obviously the best spot to host one of the most important music conventions. The atmosphere there is so unique and welcoming that it really stands out from other conventions, which are most likely very much fun to attend as well, but ADE is at least for me and for all the artists I know from year to year a marked date in the calendar and something everybody looks very, very much forward to go to. From all the artists who are announced, no one would say “no I am not going there“ - everyone is happy to go. The combination of the city, of the artists, of the music and of the country, this is what makes this event so special.

    When you look back a couple of years, what is the most significant change you noticed in the electronic music scene?

    I think the most significant change is that the electronic music itself became widely accepted in various age groups and has reached a status that can already be compared to the status of Rock ´n´ Roll music, Alternative music or Hip Hop music. Electronic music has grown up by now and has become very professional, with promoters and DJs all over the world who take their passion extremely serious, which is very beneficial to all the clubbers in every age group. One of the biggest changes I see when I dj and I look into the crowd is that the age of the people in front of me varies by now between 18 to 50 and everybody gets along with each other, all the nationalities get along with each other, so it really could not be any better.

    Have you ever had the thought to stop doing what you are doing right now, and if so, what was the cause and what did you consider to do instead? And most importantly, how long did this thought last?

    Honestly I can´t think of any moment when I thought that I would not want to continue doing what I am doing. I might have thought that I maybe would like to change the circumstances of how I am doing things, but the fact that I am able to play music in front of people and have the ability to make them dance and have a good time – and have a good time myself – I have never doubted that or have never been sick and tired of it. I really can´t imagine the day when I would grow sick and tired of it. As long as I can be so excited about the music, and I have never felt any signs of fatigue with regards to this, I do believe that I can also excite the people who come to the parties.

    How do you manage to balance the draining schedules of the tour- and night-life with your normal day to day life? Do you have any tips for people who find it hard to combine their artistic life with daytime responsibilities?

    You got to find the right balance. I find that one of the most important things for that is keeping your body and mind healthy. You can keep the body healthy with very simple steps. One of them is a regular work-out. You have to make this one of your priorities, as it is extremely helpful to have a functioning, healthy body, and another very simple step is to watch what you eat and eat well. I became a vegan about two years ago and I must say that nothing better could have ever happened to me. I am rarely sick because of this, I am way more energetic because of this, I do my part of saving the environment because of this, I am very friendly to animals because of this and I just feel great because of it. And this is not only concerning the physical viewpoint, but also the mental one, if I could say so. Apart from that, get some rest and chill out when you can chill out, try to sleep enough – which sounds funny as I don´t, but at least try to do so :)

    Do you have an absolute favorite track at the moment?

    No, I don´t have one favorite track at the moment but a whole lot of favorite tracks. I did an edit of a Benjamin Damage track, which was released on 50 Weapons. It´s actually an edit of the SCNTST remix of “010x“. I did an edit of it and I really love to play it out. Then there is a release by PSYK, which will be soon out on CLR and which I have been playing all summer long. It is absolutely fantastic and will be released by the end of the year. There is a lot of amazing music out there, which I love to play and it varies all the time, depending on my mood and the situation. It really depends on all that, so there can´t just be one absolute favourite track. My moods are continuously changing, and different moods require different tracks.


    Saturday, October 19th 2013

    Studio 80 Warehouse

    Elementenstraat 25

    1014 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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