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    CLR ADE 2013 :: Interview with Dimi Angelís

    October 16, 2013

    CLR is back in Amsterdam for another edition of the label's artist showcases on Saturday, October 19th. The event is taking place in a new venue, the Studio 80 warehouse, with a lineup including Chris Liebing, Daniel Miller, Tommy Four Seven, Monoloc, Juan Sanchez, Dimi Angelís and many more.

    Leading up to the event, CLR is releasing a series of interviews with the artists. Next up is Dimi Angelís...

    Is there a club you have not played yet, where you would really like to play at some point?

    ARMA17 / Moscow

    Is there any artist who clearly stands for a more commercial, mainstream sound, who you respect for his or her talent - even though you might not be able to share his or her musical vision? If so, who is this artist, and what is it that separates him or her from other artists in the same genre.

    I like "De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig" from Amsterdam. They rap about their own weird, daily life in a kind of Amsterdam street-slang. Combine that with outstanding beats from Bas Bron (also known for his aliases Comtron, Bastian and Seymour Bits) and you’ve got a pretty serious whole. I’m actually not that big of a rap fan myself, but De Jeugd’s music really does it for me, it has a certain accessibility but with a gnarly edge. The music is much, much better than what you might expect from a lot people’s pre-dispostions about the quality of their lyrics. Both are outstanding and should be taken seriously! In the Netherlands what they’re doing is unequalled; commercial rap, quality and Dutch lyrics all in one.

    Do you have any special ADE memories?

    Yeah! Jeff Mills 6-hour set at Dekmantel last year at OT301 which is a venue for 275 people max. I heard Mills play many, many times in my life but this set was the best set i ever heard and i think it will never be equaled. This whole night was special. The atmosphere, the crowd, the heat (it felt like a sauna) and the music of course. Jeff took you on a fantastic deep musical journey, it was simply amazing!

    I guess Amsterdam is quite intense during those ADE days, how does it feel to get invaded by so many people from all over the planet?

    It feels quite good actually. I really like it when the city is full of electronic music lovers from all over the world. There’s a great vibe in town!

    Is there an artist you are especially looking forward to hearing and maybe meeting at ADE?

    I’m really looking forward to a party from friends called "The Breakfast Club". They always have a nice bunch of party people on their party’s and their line up is insane. I will meet a lot of colleague’s and friends yes!

    *See Dimi Angelís at CLR ADE 2013


    Saturday, October 19th 2013

    Studio 80 Warehouse

    Elementenstraat 25

    1014 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Google maps:

    Visit the event page for full details.



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