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    Yeah, it's Monday again... 30th of September 2013! Welcome to the CLR Podcast 240 with a dj set from Tommy Four Seven! Enjoy...

    September 30, 2013

    CLR Podcast 240 – Tommy Four Seven

    It is Monday the 30th of September 2013 and we have Tommy Four Seven back on the CLR Podcast. His excellent production skills and characteristic trademark style can not only be found in numerous memorable original productions, but also in his much acclaimed remixes and collaborations. His latest venture is a co-operation with Alain, of the respected One Million Mangos mastering studio in Berlin and is called THESE HIDDEN HANDS. Through Hidden Hundred - the creative platform and outlet they’ve constructed for themselves – they are set to release their highly anticipated, self-titled debut album, a project that epitomises the intuitive approach Tommy has taken towards his work thus far. He is not only an inspiring producer and sound designer, but also an internationally demanded DJ. Since relocating from London in 2008, he has gone on to position himself as a core CLR member, using his own studio in an industrial sector of the city as a base from which to craft the acutely visceral Techno sound he calls his own. If you would like to know more about Tommy Four Seven or THESE HIDDEN HANDS, please check out the following sites:

    facebook Tommy Four Seven

    facebook These Hidden Hands


    Listen and download here

    CLR Podcast 240 – Tommy Four Seven – Tracklist

    01. Marcel Dettmann / Seduction feat. Emika 
    02. Unklone / Grit 555
    03. Samuli Kemppi / Calling
    04. PVS / Parallel (Kwartz Remix)
    05. Zadig / Mode 40
    06. Untold / Glare
    07. Talismann / Neptune
    08. Clouds / Complete Control
    09. Etapp Kyle / Aurora
    10. Rrose / The Stare
    11. Tunnel / Through The Noise Field (Steve Stoll Proper NYC Mix)
    12. Sawf / Menete (Yuji Kondo Remix)
    13. Paula Temple / Cloned
    14. Subjected / 005.7 (Developer Remix)
    15. Clouds / Chained To A Dead Camel
    16. Ritzi Lee / Utility 2
    17. Ancient Methods / Dämmerung der Parhelia 
    18. Drumcell / Disturbance (Tommy Four Seven Remix)
    19. These Hidden Hands / When Told