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    Welcome to the CLR Podcast 061 with Monoloc in the mix! Enjoy...

    September 09, 2010

    Monoloc started to produce his first Sounds in 2001.
    A few years later he moved to a proper studio to ziro in on his music productions.
    The new place and his inspiring studio neighbors created a perfect environment so
    that he was able to upgrade his skills increasingly. He released already on labels like
    CLR, Synewave, MultiVitamins, Micro.fon and Droid for example who get thrilled by
    his deep techno sound consists of organic and sometimes dark vocal elements.
    His keen sense for good sound let him always know how to produce tracks with his
    special personal touch or how to create a great ambiance for the dancefloor .
    Midyear 2008 Monoloc was ready to take it to the next level and founded his own
    label Smallroom Music. Artists like Maetrik ,Alexi Delano, Elon , Ascion , Kane Roth,
    Mike Wall, Jan Hendez, Ion Ludwig, Brian Sanhaji, Emerson, Matt Star, Jon Seber and
    many more had released on his emerging label yet. Also in 2008 he got to know the people
    from CLR who are also impressed of his independent and unpredictable sound. They
    booked him for events like Nature One, Rave on Snow, Day & Night Festival, Ruhr in Love
    and for some well known Clubs in Germany like Fusion or Butan.
    For 2010 he already got much requests for releases and remixes on various labels.
    Besides that he planned great releases on Smallroom Music and he is looking very
    forward to celebrate great partys!

    1. Cristian Vogel - On the Line (original Mix)
    2. Peter van Hoesen - Sustaining The Chain (original Mix)
    3. Blake Baxter, Marc Romboy - Where would you be? - Loopapella
    4.Milton Bradley - Somewhere Beyond My illusion (original Mix)
    5.Sendai - Below K-pun One (original Mix)
    6.Samuli Kemppi - Dark Matter (original Mix)
    7. Pantha Du Prince - Frozen Fog (original Mix)
    8. BCR Boys- Delete (original Mix)
    9. Xhin - Blade Moth (original Mix)
    10.Marcel Dettmann - Kernel (original Mix)
    11.Kevin Gorman - Nearly DJ Tool
    12.Shonky, Jennifer Cardini - Tuesday Paranoia - Acapella
    13.CCCP - CCCP (original Mix)
    14.Monoloc - Pumpkin
    15. t47- SOR
    16.DBX - Losing Control (Remastered) (original Mix)