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    July 31, 2013

    Ibiza Voice did a great CLR label feature which included an extensive interview with label boss Chris Liebing


    Liebing has long since been regarded as a bona fide techno bastion. With a career that spans over two decades, he’s battled to remain relevant, rising to every challenge the fast-paced music industry presents. What’s more, he’s developed a pretty inspiring philosophy along the way. To understand his deep-minded point-of-view look at his brand CLR. Once a vehicle for his own ego, it’s now a much bigger entity; and sounds all the better for it.

    Create, Learn, Realise... Why the switch from Chris Liebing Records?

    I was growing really tired of having my own name in the name of the label! CLR was evolving into something much more open for other musical influences and it didn’t make sense to brand all of this with my name. Earlier the label was more or less just a platform to release tracks of myself and some friends of mine. Those days are obviously over and the label has become something much bigger and much more exiting. That’s why I chose to take out my ego and give it this new meaning, which stands for everything I have been doing and living in my professional life so far and what I keep on doing and living now.

    Click here to read the full feature