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    July 19, 2013

    On Sunday, July 21st the HYTE Park Festival will celebrate the launch of it's first event with some of the most popular players in the current Techno underground. Governors Island in the Upper New York Bay will tremble with the beats of Chris Liebing, Boris, DVS1, Guti, Robert Dietz, Hector, Monoloc and Tommy Four Seven.

    Leading up to the event, HYTE will be releasing a series of interviews with the artists. Next up is Boris...

    There is the ongoing discussion about the '93underground'94 and the '93mainstream '94 sound. Especially in the U.S. with the rise of EDM, a lot a new people get in touch with electronic music for the first time. What is your opinion about this development and where do you see yourself in the big picture?

    Although i'm not into the "EDM" sound i think it a good think more and more people are getting more into dance music, whether it be EDM, techno, deephouse, etc… As far as myself in terms of NYC i feel i have been a driving force in the leading the way here locally. And with more recently label (Transmit Recordings) i can be even a bigger impact.

    You have been invited to play at the first edition of the Hyte Park Festival on Governors Island together with some of the most credible artists in the scene. What do you expect from a festival at such an unusual location and with such a promising, diverse lineup?

    I must say it deft is a very diverse lineup, you have lots of deferent sounds in one amazing place like Governors Island. I was happy to be asked to be part of such a great event with so many great and world renown artist. So expect nothing less then an amazing event.

    What is your summer anthem, a track you don't want to miss in your sets right now?

    I have a few, i would say my new release "drones" due out on SCI+TEC or one of my other releases on my transmit label "funky beat" remixed by the Cocodrills which has been floor killer everywhere i been.

    Some people talk about the hypnotic effects of repetitive beats or an almost shamanistic dimension or relevance to electronic music. Have you experienced situations when you also thought that there is way more to the music that you are playing than just the sum of its parts? In this case, what characterizes those kind of moments for you?

    To the average club listener that might be true, but the hardcore music lovers that isn't. Kids today are really in the know and are really into the music. Yes music today that i play is mostly beats & grooves and not to much vocals to identify tracks, however all depending how long my set, i try to give a crows some ups and downs or perhaps a track they are familiar with, and turn around and say "ahh i love this track" always good to give a crowd something they can identify with.

    If you had the power to change something about the world just by saying it out aloud '96 what would it be?

    Stop the hate! don't worry about how successful others are. Do you!


    Event Details:

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

    Governors Beach Club, Governors Island

    New York City

    Doors open 2pm-12am | 18 to enter / 21 to drink

    Early Bird $35 - SOLD OUT | General Admission $45 | VIP $100

    Available now on Resident Advisor and Club Tickets.