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    July 18, 2013

    On Sunday, July 21st the HYTE Park Festival will celebrate the launch of it's first event with some of the most popular players in the current Techno underground. Governors Island in the Upper New York Bay will tremble with the beats of Chris Liebing, Boris, DVS1, Guti, Robert Dietz, Hector, Monoloc and Tommy Four Seven.

    Leading up to the event, HYTE will be releasing a series of interviews with the artists. Next up is CLR Artist Tommy Four Seven...

    For many artists the music they make or play is an integral part of their lives. In case you share this opinion, how would you say does your personal life reflects what you stand for as and artists and the other way around?

    The process of writing music is very integral as it's really the only time I can completely switch off. I guess you could say it's my meditation. In fact moments when performing live are also like this, it's quite spiritual, like a 6th sense taking over. There's loads of ideas in the studio that I feel I couldn't explain, they just happen.

    Do you think it´s important at all with what kind of equipment DJs are playing their music, or do you think it much rather comes down to the result and the impact of what you are doing? In other words, what is your opinion regarding vinyl versus digital DJs?

    Personally I feel a DJ is a selector of music and what he/she uses to play is fairly irrelevant providing what comes out of the speakers sounds good. You could play vinyl but if you play battered or dirty records, the sound quality may not be as good as DJing using digital WAV files, or worse it could skip. But conversely, a well maintained vinyl collection will sound better than low quality digital MP3s.

    Apart from that, the best equipment is the one that allows a DJ to best express themselves. For me personally this is Traktor because it gives me so much more possibilities to manipulate the tracks live and make more of a journey out of the set.

    What would you consider the best technological invention of the last ten years?

    Although it's not an invention as such, the availability of ridiculously massive hard drives for pretty much peanuts has got to be the most significant step forwards for me in terms of technology - the way I work whilst writing music, having the possibility to not worry about individual songs taking up 10GB or even more of space is no longer just a luxury but almost a necessity with the amount of audio I throw into every session. This is especially the case with my new project These Hidden Hands, where 10 years ago, you'd need at least 100 normal home computers to save the album sessions.

    Who are your heroes inside and outside of the world of electronic music?

    Anyone who takes a risk to stand up for what they believe in is a hero to me.

    If you had the power to change something about the world just by saying it out aloud – what would it be?

    Go vegan.


    Event Details:

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

    Governors Beach Club, Governors Island

    New York City

    Doors open 2pm-12am | 18 to enter / 21 to drink

    Early Bird $35 - SOLD OUT | General Admission $45 | VIP $100

    Available now on Resident Advisor and Club Tickets.