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    July 17, 2013

    On Sunday, July 21st the HYTE Park Festival will celebrate the launch of it's first event with some of the most popular players in the current Techno underground. Governors Island in the Upper New York Bay will tremble with the beats of Chris Liebing, Boris, DVS1, Guti, Robert Dietz, Hector, Monoloc and Tommy Four Seven.

    Leading up to the event, HYTE will be releasing a series of interview with the artists. Next up is DVS1...

    You have been part of the electronic music scene for years now and have been playing numerous international venues. What kind of changes have you noticed in the global scene?

    Some good, some not so good, The music in general is becoming more accepted and spreading to lots of places where it might not have had a reach in the past, but with this success and popularity there are lots of people in it for the wrong reasons and just using the community for their own self gains.

    There is the ongoing discussion about the “underground” and the “mainstream” sound. Especially in the U.S. with the rise of EDM, a lot a new people get in touch with electronic music for the first time. What is your opinion about this development and where do you see yourself in the big picture?

    I’m absolutely happy that new people are discovering this music through “mainstream” accessibility, but in all reality only a tiny percentage of those will find or even seek out something deeper or more “real”. When I was younger, I would always try and make everyone understand my taste, I would always try and sell everyone on what I was listening to and couldn’t understand why someone wouldn’t “get it”. As I’ve grown older, I realize that what I love isn’t made for everyone and I would much rather play to an “underground” audience that appreciates this music then try to sell it to an audience who could care less.

    Do you think it´s important at all with what kind of equipment DJs are playing their music, or do you think it much rather comes down to the result and the impact of what you are doing? In other words, what is your opinion regarding vinyl versus digital DJs?

    I won’t get into this in detail, as we could go on for hours, and honestly, my personal opinion doesn’t matter as the world will still evolve regardless. My only comment is that I believe someone who comes from an understanding of beat matching vinyl approaches digital dj’ing different and I can respect that. But someone who only lives in the computer with controllers and sync is walking a very thin line and is NOT a dj. If they only know or think in the context of SYNC and not using tactile touch as part of their understanding, I don’t personally feel it is coming anywhere near the true art of being a DJ.

    What would you consider the best technological invention of the last ten years?

    Internet, I know it’s older than 10 years, but the internet has brought people together on a lot of things. But with every positive comes a negative.. it’s also taken us away from personal interaction on a human level just as much..

    What was the most unforgettable moment in your career?
    Playing a 12 hour set in Berghain. Proper out of body experience.


    Event Details:

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

    Governors Beach Club, Governors Island

    New York City

    Doors open 2pm-12am | 18 to enter / 21 to drink

    Early Bird $35 - SOLD OUT | General Admission $45 | VIP $100

    Available now on Resident Advisor and Club Tickets.