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    Chris Liebing's Cocoon Interview and Season Residency Dates

    June 11, 2013

    If you are on Ibiza this summer, you should definitely come to one of Chris Liebing´s gigs at Cocoon / Amnesia parties. Chris will be one of this season´s residents and will dj on the following dates:

    June 24th
    July 8th
    August 5th
    August 26th

    Cocoon Ibiza is flying straight into the 14th season. This year´s motto is the organically grown experience stemming from many party nights and the return to the essence of what has been drawing us to Spain time and time again. It will be celebrated in an optimized fashion on 17 nights.

    Playful interior concepts, formed by the unity of architecture, light, video, installation and longer DJ sets will surely make this summer unforgettable.

    Recently Cocoon interviewed Chris Liebing about his Ibiza experiences and his expectations of the upcoming season:

    Cocoon is going for longer sets from DJs this year, so people can fully experience the journey of the DJ - what are your thoughts on this in terms of your creative expression and how it will be for people on the dance floor?

    I totally agree that DJs should have more time and space to be able to perform. Of course this is not possible everywhere, but Amnesia is definitely a club where it is possible to take the crowd on a journey. Especially on a Cocoon night people from everywhere are coming there to listen to some good music and dance. They are not expecting to have their hands in the air from the beginning to the very end. Similar to life in general, where you also have to know the lows to be able to appreciate the highs, you have to go through different phases on the dance-floor. For doing this in a nice way it is very helpful to have a little more time as a DJ, so Cocoon is doing exactly the right thing this year.

    Cocoon is going back to its roots and will have a definite nature element to the decor this year, if you could hold a party anywhere in the world, in nature, where would it be?

    The first place I would think of is Antarctica. In the middle of snowy fields, sheets of ice and penguins around it... First of all you would not have to worry about people who are not really into the music to come, as probably only a few very dedicated people would make their way to come to a party like that one. Secondly you could play all day long or all night long, depending on the time of year. It would be an extreme experience, in nature, in the cold, at a completely unusual spot – so yeah, the first thing that came to my mind was Antarctica. But I also have to mention that I am pretty happy to be on Ibiza this summer, because I actually really like the sun and the warmth :)

    Music, Energy, Freedom, Dance... Anything else you would like to add for what Ibiza's special magic means to you?

    Music, Energy, Freedom, Dance are actually not the first words that would come to my mind to describe Ibiza´s magic. I think first of all it´s the vibe and the atmosphere that you can find out in nature, maybe on a secluded bay, or with friends at a villa, having some food at the pool. Those are these special moments, and that would also be the next key-word for me: Friends - that´s the next big thing, the vibe, the atmosphere, friends and more friends. Because that´s what it´s all about. A lot of really nice people meet on Ibiza and have a great time together, and that´s what makes it all so, so special, because everybody brings something to the island.

    What does the word Cocoon mean to you?

    In respect of Cocoon on Ibiza or Cocoon in general, together with Sven, it is the place where people come together, cuddle together and experience something together that turns them into something else once they leave. I think that was the intention behind the whole meaning of Cocoon, and it is also what I think about it.

    What are your top three tracks of the moment?

    There is a Black Asteroid remix of Depeche Mode´s “Soothe My Soul”, which I very much like to play. Then there is a new remix of an old DJ Hyperactive track called “Venus” by Ciren. This one will be out on CLR at some point this year and I also really love to play it. And there is Max Cooper´s “Walls”, which is one of my favourite tracks right now. I am always looking forward to playing that one at the end of my sets.