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    Back in the D with ... Chris Liebing

    May 23, 2013

    CLR is back in Detroit for the 3rd year in a row and hosting yet another official Movement Festival afterparty. This year we move to a new location, the legendary Saint Andrew's Hall, where label head Chris Liebing will be joined by a top notch lineup of guests including Marcel Dettmann, Radio Slave, Drumcell, Tommy Four Seven, Bryan Kasenic and CLR's visual artist OKTAform.

    Over the past week, CLR has been releasing a series of short interviews with each of the artists. CLR's label boss Chris Liebing is up next...

    How does it feel to host this event for the third year in a row and what sets this festival apart from the rest?

    Oh it feels so amazing to be a part of this whole Movement... party train... let´s just call it party train, which is happening there. We always have such great locations for our parties in Detroit and this time it´s Saint Andrew´s Hall. I have already played there a couple of times before. One time I remember very well, it was a Collabs gig together with Speedy J on a really insane sound system. This time we will obviously have an insane sound system again and we will also have Radio Slave, Marcel Dettmann, Tommy Four Seven and Drumcell on board. It is a great feeling, and what makes this festival so unique is that you can enjoy the whole three days without hearing any crap music. There is no commercial bullshit going on, it´s just down to an honest underground vibe and good underground music in the heart of Detroit, obviously on Hart Plaza. It´s also an amazing time of the year as it starts to get really warm again and the whole set up is pretty exceptional, the city, the vibe, the music, it´s just an extremely special festival. I might add one thing, I also know the organizers of the festival since 13 years, when we all did little parties and played on little parties, and I must say that they have not changed a bit since then. They might be a little more crazy now, but they are still very, very, very lovely people and that´s another reason why I always look forward to go back there.

    How do you feel about playing in a historic venue like the Saint Andrew´s Hall and do you have any memories of prior experiences in this venue?

    I think I just answered a part of this question already. I played there the first time with Speedy J and I do know about the history of the venue. You can actually feel it. You walk into Saint Andrew´s Hall and there is a special feeling about the place, something that just happens to locations with such an eventful history. There are those kind of places in the States, with proper Rock´n´Roll history, or places where Hip Hop jams and rap battles took place in the basement. You just feel this historically charged atmosphere in those walls, right away when you walk in there. You think “wow” when you get this feeling, as you know that there is more to the place than just those walls that surround you and it influences what you are doing, the way you play, everything. I don´t remember which year I played at Saint Andrew´s Hall with Speedy J first, but I remember that Mike, someone everyone who ever rented sound equipment in Detroit knows, set up this insane sound system back then and I think we will have the same or even more this time around.

    What haven't you done in Detroit that you would like to do this year?

    There are so many places I would like to see. Last year for example I visited the Underground Resistance record store and many more places. This time I unfortunately can only spend twenty hours in Detroit. Usually it was two or three days, but this year I come in just on time for the party and leave on Sunday again, due to my tour schedule. So I don´t really have much time in the city this year, but I also know that I will be back next year again and then I will hopefully have more time.

    What are your feelings about the current EDM hype in the States and how do you think it affects the underground scene?

    First of all, the thing about hypes is that they come and go. Anyone who is exited about a hype should be aware that as quickly as they come, they are also gone again. But one thing I actually find very good about the mentioned EDM hype in the States, and I have been coming to the States for twelve or thirteen years now, is that there was never so much interest in Techno music and in my music as there is now. I believe that it has a lot to do with people who are just getting old enough to go out, people who did not only grow up with Rock or Grunge or those kind of sounds, but also with electronic music. The EDM hype is getting a lot of kids out to the festivals. A lot of people get exposed to a different kind of music right now, and even if they start listening to very commercial electronic music, they might want to dig deeper at some point and discover other parts of the scene, which are more underground, maybe turn away a little from the hyped EDM stuff and come to a proper Techno party at some point. That´s why I don´t mind those kind of hypes, I just don´t want to be a part of them.

    Do you have a favourite memory of Detroit?

    One of my favourite Detroit moments was when I was with the Paxahau crew, playing all night long, totally stoned in their basement radio station up around 9 Mile.


    Event Details:

    Saturday, May 25th 2013

    Saint Andrew's Hall

    431 E Congress St Detroit, MI 48226

    **Just minutes away from the Movement Festival grounds**

    10 pm – 4 am | 18+

    Early Bird $20 SOLD OUT | 2nd Release $25 SOLD OUT | 3rd Release $30 - on sale now on RA: