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    Back in the D with ... Radio Slave

    May 18, 2013

    CLR is back in Detroit for the 3rd year in a row and hosting yet another official Movement Festival afterparty. This year we move to a new location, the legendary Saint Andrew's Hall, where label head Chris Liebing will be joined by a top notch lineup of guests including Marcel Dettmann, Radio Slave, Drumcell, Tommy Four Seven, Bryan Kasenic and CLR's visual artist OKTAform.

    Leading up to the event, CLR will be releasing a series of short interviews with each of the artists. First up is Radio Slave...

    Do you have a favorite memory of Detroit?

    Ha ! I have so many. This festival always falls on my Birthday and there's been some very special moments. As for one I can mention here, Meeting Mike Banks at his store and getting the full tour of the building and museum was something that I'll never forget.

    What haven't you done in Detroit that you would like to do this year?

    Another difficult question - but I'm just gonna have fun with with friends and family and really relax, dance and listen to some great music. I'm gonna be there the whole time so I'm gonna make the most of what is one of the best festivals in the world and really have fun.

    Who are you looking forward to seeing on the festival?

    Mike Banks and Aaron Siegel ! I need some Detroit vinyl., ah and I'm also looking forward to seeing our employee of the month "Miss Nina Kraviz".

    For the CLR afterparty, why did you and Marcel decide to play b2b instead of playing your own set?

    I've know Marcel for maybe 7 or 8 years and we've always played back to back and this way we get to hang out and play each other records and I guess it must work !

    You have played CLR label nights in the past, one in Detroit a couple of years back as well. What do you like about playing at CLR nights?

    It's a family affair and I'm a big fan of Chris and the crew so it's always a pleasure to play for him and hang out.


    Event Details:

    Saturday, May 25th 2013

    Saint Andrew's Hall

    431 E Congress St Detroit, MI 48226

    **Just minutes away from the Movement Festival grounds**

    10 pm – 4 am | 18+

    Early Bird $20 SOLD OUT | 2nd Release $25 SOLD OUT | 3rd Release $30 - on sale now on RA: