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    Yeah, it's Monday again... 6th of May 2013! Welcome to the CLR Podcast 219 with a dj set from _Unsubscribe_! Enjoy...

    May 06, 2013

    CLR Podcast 219 – _Unsubscribe_

    It is Monday the 6th of May 2013 and we have none other than English Techno legend Dave Clarke and his partner, the hotly-tipped young Dutch producer Mr. Jones as the duo _Unsubscribe_ on today´s podcast for you. Just a couple of year´s ago they met at a frantic sold out gig in Utrecht and tentatively set about doing some remixes together for artists like Black Asteroid, Octave One, Boys Noize, Erol Alkan, Gessaffelstein, Marc Romboy & Ken Ishii amongst others. Their first original production together entitled ‘Spek Hondje’ will be released on May 13th and features the American vocalist ‘Bear Who?’. It forms the crux of the _Unsubscribe_ duo’s debut single for Houndstooth - a release made to take Techno back to its most honest roots. Today´s set has been recorded by Mr. Jones in the characteristic _Unsubscribe_ manner. Their unusual project name was chosen by Dave Clarke, as a way of being subtle about him constantly being sent music that would never feature in his sets and signifies a clean start. When Chris Liebing asked Dave Clarke for a remix of the first Black Asteroid EP on CLR in 2011, the duo had just met, accepted the request and delivered a fantastic version of this memorable track. For further information on _Unsubscribe_, Dave Clarke, Mr. Jones as well as their upcoming tour dates and releases, please visit the following sites:

    _Unsubscribe_ Web
    Dave Clarke Web
    Mr. Jones Web
    Spek Hondje
    Spek Hondje Clips

    CLR Podcast 219 - _Unsubscribe_ Playlist

    1) (Intro) Shadowdancing - _Unsubscribe_ Remix (by Dave Clarke & Mr. Jones) Radical G
    2) Threshing Floor - Call Super
    3) Beg - House Of Black Lanterns
    4) Wisdom To The Wise (Red2) - Steve Rachmad Dub Dave Clarke
    5) Apogeum - Audio Injection Remix Mr. Jones
    6) New Life (Inst) - _Unsubscribe_ Remix Ocave One
    7) Snakes Crawl Feat. Bush Tetras - _Unsubscribe_ PunkFunk Remix Phil Kieran
    8) Brain Storm - _Unsubscribe_ Remix Boysnois & Erol Alkan
    9) Club Sandwiches - _Unsubscribe_ Remix Detroit Grand Pubahs
    10) I Am Colossus - _Unsubscribe_ Remix Simplicity is beauty
    11) NvrSayNvr - _Unsubscribe_ Remix Psycatron
    12) Aufstand - _Unsubscribe_ Remix Gesaffelstein
    13) Armory - Mr. Jones
    14) Thunder - Dave Clarke
    15) TAIYO - _Unsubscribe_ Remix Mark Romboy & Ken Ishii
    16) Shadowdancing - _Unsubscribe_ Remix Radical G
    17) Engine 1 - _Unsubscribe_ Remix Black Asteroid
    18) Spek Hondje Feat. Bearwho? - _Unsubscribe_