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    Yeah, it's Monday again... 11th of March 2013! Welcome to the CLR Podcast 211 with a dj set from Marc Romboy! Enjoy...

    March 11, 2013

    CLR Podcast 211 – Marc Romboy

    It is Monday the 11th of March 2013 and we welcome back Marc Romboy on the CLR Podcast. Little has to be said about this passionate ambassador of the universal language of Techno and House who started his successful career in the year 1992. The prolific producer who founded the highly influential labels “Le Petit Prince" in 1994 and “Systematic Recordings” in 2004 has been releasing music on many of the most credible labels in the scene and has been restlessly spreading his very personal blend of soulful Techno House all over the planet. His latest recording endeavour is the excellent album he produced together with the Japanese Techno master Ken Ishii entitled “Taiyo” (Japanese for ‘sun’, the origin of everything). Even with 7000 kilometres between them, they managed to produce an album that is as much about the duo’s shared musical vision, as the inevitable flicker of creative conflict that marks collaborations of this nature. Indeed, to Romboy and Ishii, the challenge of balancing these subtle differences lies at the core of the album, where the most interesting and unexpected sonic ideas are spawned. Over seven tracks the pair managed to craft an album of intricate next-level Techno, simultaneously creative in its sound design and with enough drive to excite a dance-floor, proving that distance is no barrier when two such superbly talented musical alchemists undertake a collaboration. For further information about “Taiyo” and a variety of excellent remixes, as well as current information about Marc Romboy, his upcoming releases and gigs, please visit:


    Listen and download here

    Tracklist CLR Podcast – Marc Romboy

    1.) Marc Romboy & Ken Ishii "Gosa" (Systematic Recordings)

    2.) Kraftwerk "Numbers" (Live) (EMI)

    3.) Marc Romboy & Ken Ishii "Seiun" (Max Cooper Remix) (Systematic Recordings)

    4.) Bas Mooy "Odd rock" (Pfirter Remix) (Audio Assault)

    5.) Sandwell District "Untitled" (Regis Remix) (Sandwell District)

    6.) Petar Dundov & Gregor Tresher "Hex" (Music Man)

    7.) Daniel Bell/Dave Clark "Work that wisdom" (Marc Romboy Edit)

    8.) Doka "Khan" (Wolfskuil)

    9.) Arttu feat. Jerry The Cat "Nuclear funk" (Original) (Clone)

    10.) OCH "Work da groove" (Systematic Recordings)

    11.) Shed "I come by night" (50 Weapons)

    12.) Marc Romboy & Ken Ishii "Taiyo" (Unsubscribe Remix By Dave Clark & Mr. Jones) (Systematic Recordings)

    13.) Marc Romboy & Ken Ishii "Der Strand" (Systematic Recordings)