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    It's Thursday the 8th of November 2012! Welcome to the special Monoloc "Drift" album podcast, celebrating the recent release on CLR! Enjoy...

    November 08, 2012

    CLR Special Podcast - Monoloc “Drift”

    It is Thursday the 8th of November and on the occasion of the recent release of Monoloc´s debut album “Drift” on CLR we offer you a special mega-mix including excerpts of the entirety of the featured tracks, done by Monoloc himself. Furthermore Chris Liebing, who has been actively involved in the mix-down of the album is giving you some background information regarding the production process of this outstanding long-player. Regarding the overall sound, Monoloc sticks to his origins and moves skillfully through sonic environments consisting of deep basses, noise, dark beats and quotes from all kinds of musical genres. The occasional vocal tracks grant “Drift” an atmospherically rich and diversified flow. Together with singer / producer Daniel Wilde, three songs have been crafted for this purpose, adding a deep and soulful dimension. Each one of the nine tracks works independently on its own, but it is the thoughtful combination that makes this album appear as more than merely the sum of its individual parts. “Drift” is a musically sophisticated, slow and in spite of all the love for details pleasantly dirty Techno album. We hope you enjoy this special podcast and invite you to check out the complete album, available as a digital download or CD on the following sites:

    Juno Download
    What People Play
    Amazon Germany
    Amazon UK
    Amazon North America

    And for more information on Monoloc, please visit:




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