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    Yeah, it's Monday again... 29th of October 2012! Welcome to the CLR Podcast 192 with a dj set from Drumcell! Enjoy...

    October 29, 2012

    CLR Podcast 192 - Drumcell

    It is Monday the 29th of October and we have Drumcell back on the CLR Podcast with a live recording containing the first two hours of one of his most recent gigs. The Southern Californian dj/producer and Droid Behavior co-founder is one of the most active Techno ambassadors in the U.S. Scene and has also been building a solid reputation in Europe with numerous successful gigs in some of the most prestigious venues. This year´s European tour is now coming to an end, but you can still catch him playing at CLR´s upcoming Halloween Party on Wednesday the 31st of October at the Butan Club in Wuppertal, and if you are in the States on November 17th you should definitely go and hear him play at Droid Behavior´s 10th anniversary party. At the end of this set you can hear his upcoming release on CLR, a fascinating, slow-burning remix of MOTOR feat. Gary Numan “Pleasure In Heaven”. He has also just finished the production of his debut album, which is currently in the mix-down phase, to be released in the beginning of 2013 on CLR. Drumcell is a technology geek and very active online, so if there is anything else you would like to know about this intriguing artist, please visit the following sites, and please watch out for the complete three hours long set, which we will release in the following days as a special download on




    Listen and download here