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    Yeah, it's Monday again... 9th of July 2012! Welcome to the CLR Podcast 176 with a dj set from Mike Parker! Enjoy...

    July 09, 2012

    CLR Podcast 176 - Mike Parker

    It is Monday the 9th of July and today we have a returning guest on the CLR Podcast. Mike Parker from Buffalo / New York is very well known for his releases on PROLOGUE and his own label GEOPHONE, amongst many others. He will soon release a new EP on GEOPHONE, which will coincide with his upcoming European tour and he is also working on an album for PROLOGUE, to be released in the beginning of 2013. In September his brand-new remix for Brendon Moeller will be released on Speedy J´s label ELECTRIC DELUXE. Mike Parker is a strong believer in analogue sounds and is also passionate about visual arts. Apart from being an acclaimed dj, electronic musician and producer, he is actually teaching fine arts at the state university in Buffalo. Over the years, his education in the visual arts has had a profound impact on the music he produces. His production style is as uncompromising as his dj sets are powerful: a track is rehearsed many times, then recorded live on mostly analogue gear with no edits or overdubbing later. His dj sets have the same spontaneous bite. We are very happy to present you another exclusive set by this inspiring artist. If you would like to know more about Mike Parker and his upcoming gigs and releases, please check out:


    Listen and download here

    Track list - Mike Parker

    01. Zoviet France – A Flock of Rotations
    02. Michele Ciuoffo & Marc Troit - DC (Stanislav Tolkachev Remix)
    03.  Jeff Mills – S.I.T.S. 001 B1
    04.  Jeroen Search – Radiate
    05.  Sub Space – The Voyager
    06.  Shifted – Out Of Tune
    07.  Steve Bicknell – Lost Recordings #1 A2
    08.  Planetary Assault Systems – Cold Bolster
    09.  Delko - Mode
    10.  Patrick Walker – Phase Linear (Original Mix)
    11.  Mike Parker – Thermo
    12.  Abdulla Rashim – Gizaw 1
    13.  Kevin Gorman – Seven Eight Nine (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
    14.  A.n.D. – Untitled (BSR02)
    15.  D. Dozzy & Nuel – Untitled Aquaplano 000
    16.  Mike Parker – GPH16
    17.  Cio D’or – Magnetfluss (Shifted Remix)
    18.  Mike Parker – GPH16
    19.  Luis Flores – New Flesh (Brian Sanhaji Mix)
    20.  Jeff Mills – Far Beyond The Dream