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    New Tommy Four Seven Interview and Podcast!

    July 05, 2012

    Tommy Four Seven is heading to Holland this weekend, and has done a special mix and interview for BALANS just ahead of his shows...

    What is you relationship with Balans?

    I consider Darko Esser a good friend, we've worked together in the past and we continue to support each other.

    What do you do to try and stay in balance? Any tips & secrets you would like to share with us night folks?

    I've found eating a vegan diet and running during the week helps balance the crazy weekends.

    About the podcast, can you tell us the story behind the mix?

    It's pretty much a full on dancefloor mix, recorded fresh after the weekend.

    What gear did you use to make the Balans podcast?

    Traktor, Macbook Pro, 2 x A&H 1D Controllers, 92 A&H Mixer, alcohol.

    What do you have in store for us (gigs/releases) the coming months?

    This weekend is all about Holland. Friday for the Balans party in Amsterdam with Shifted who is also my neighbour here in Berlin so it's always a laugh. Saturday I'll be with Sandwell District at 'Have A Nice Day Festival' and then of course the after party.

    Release wise, my remix for Truss on Sigha's Our Circula Sound label is out now on wax and soon on digital. The remix features as the penultimate track on the mix.

    Click here to download Tommy Four Seven's BALANS Podcast.