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    June 06, 2012

    CLR's artists and affiliates have been hard at work with new productions and remixes. Here's a look at what new and upcoming on our label.

    For our newest release CLR058 we have prepared a true collector's item. None other than Luke Slater, one of the most renowned and inspiring artists in today's electronic music scene, did a very personal and sophisticated remix of MOTOR's recent single “Man Made Machine”. For this memorable undertaking the British producer is actually using his legendary Planetary Assault Systems moniker.


    Next up comes CLR059. The EP features two brand-new ROD tracks, entitled "HGB" and "DTC". "HGB" is stripped down, energetic and hypnotic Techno with a thrifty and efficient use of synths. Its driving, elegant beat programming, together with its crafty, subtle effects, vividly illustrate the special handwriting of ROD. "DTC" is even more minimalistic and reduced to the absolute indispensable, which makes it equally effective in its own way. With those productions ROD is really on to something, and we are very happy to present you his first and surely not last CLR release. RELEASE DATE: 26.06.2012

    For CLR060 two artists from the CLR family went on individual missions to remix the MOTOR track "Hyper Lust" (feat. Billie Ray Martin), taken from the recently released and critically acclaimed album 'Man Made Machine'. One of them is Monoloc, a very talented DJ and Producer who is currently finishing his debut album for the upcoming release on CLR. The other one is Juan Pablo Pfirter, an internationally respected Techno ambassador from Buenos Aires who has been working with the label for years. Each one of them has taken this honorable task as serious as anyone could imagine, and each one of them has created a unique, exiting and dignified remix of the original track. COMING SOON