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    Yeah, it's Monday again... 20th of February 2012! Welcome to the CLR Podcast 156 with a dj set from Xhin! Enjoy...

    February 20, 2012

    CLR Podcast 156 - Xhin

    It is Monday the 20th of February and we welcome back Xhin on the CLR Podcast. The Singaporean by birth and residence has been crafting ominous cuts of cutting-edge electronic music since 1997. His intricate blend of atmospheric and intelligent Techno first gained attention in the music business when he independently released his “Xycle” EP in 2003. In the following year his critically acclaimed debut album "Supersonicstate" came out. In 2006 the German independent label Meerestief discovered his talent and a remix he did for Five Green Circle´s track “Ronan's BBQ” received massive recognition. In 2009, Xhin joined Berlin based new techno label Stroboscopic Artefacts to release his dark, intense and experimental side of things. The busy dj and producer also forms a production duo with Stroboscopic Artefacts founder Lucy and their latest release (CLR056 - Lucy And Xhin “LX4 / LX5”) is actually out today on CLR. For more information on Xhin and his upcoming tour-dates, please visit:


    Listen and download here

    1. Xhin - Elliptic
    2. Aphex Twin - Wet Tip Hen Ax
    3. Oscar Mulero - Tidal Acceleration
    4. S100 - Krowork
    5. VCMG - Spock - Regis Remix
    6. Death Abyss - The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste
    7. ASC - Magnetic
    8. Phase - Binary Opposition (Process 1)
    9. Dave Clarke - Before I Was Rudely Interrupted Part 1(For The Floor)
    10. Surgeon - RIght Road To Dubland
    11. Mike Dehnert - Discrete
    12. Instra:mental - Love Arp
    13. DJ Boss, Radial - NRG 1TC
    14. Vegim - Mechanical Phases
    15. Tampa - Is It Usual
    16. British Murder Boys - Anti Inferno
    17. Oscar Mulero - 46 - Regis' Antaganists Mix
    18. iFormat - Failed By The Conformists - Ancient Methods Remix
    19. Dead Sound & Videohead - Scrape It Off The Floor
    20. DJ Boss - Atmolam
    21. Makaton - Tosa
    22. Xhin - Asymmetrical Four
    23. Lucy, Xhin - LX4
    24. Oscar Mulero - Orbital Resonance
    25. Sigha - How To Disappear
    26. Motor - Ice
    27. Octo Octa - RepPing
    28. Kritical Audio - Spandex