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    Welcome to the CLR Podcast 044 with Tim Xavier in the mix! Enjoy...

    September 08, 2010

    After our surprising X-mas CLR Podcast Special with a set of Chris himself we like to welcome you guys to the last CLR Podcast 044 in 2009! Let’s listen to the excellent sounds of Tim Xavier...

    Behind the scenes Tim has made himself a great reputation as a mastering engineer doing mix-downs, digital and vinyl mastering for clients such as Wagon Repair, Spectral, Minus, and Clink. He has become an underground secret, a doctor of audio, and has had his hands on the output of many of our favorite artists.

    As a producer Tim's sound is admired, analyzed and followed, with a personal style that is overflowing with maturity and fluent simplicity. He is a techno Beethoven, deep, dark and emotional, and lets his tracks breath by manipulating a few simple ideas in each experience.
    Tim is most currently noted for his involvement as a main artist on one of the most fast-rising labels from America, Clink Recordings, and also works with Tony Rohr as the Afternoon Coffee Boys.