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    Yeah, it's Monday again... 28th of November 2011! Welcome to the CLR Podcast 144 with a dj set from Truncate! Enjoy...

    November 28, 2011

    CLR Podcast 144 – Truncate

    It´s Monday the 28th of November and we welcome Truncate from Los Angeles on the CLR Podcast. He has impressed techno fans worldwide for many years with his dj and production skills under the alias Audio Injection, but hardly anybody knew that he is also responsible for the slightly deeper and darker Truncate productions, which focus on the more raw side of techno. Nowadays we know that the person behind those two names and behind all those amazing tracks is actually one and the same. Apart from his busy dj and production schedule, he is also part of the Droid Behavior crew, who are organizing the most happening techno parties in and around LA. Standing strong at the centre of the West Coast techno community since nearly a decade, they are considered almost solely responsible for LA´s now thriving techno scene. Chris Liebing is a big supporter of Droid Behavior and habitually plays loads of tracks by Truncate and Audio Injection in his own sets. Many good reasons to have the man on the podcast again, so please enjoy this special two hours studio mix by Truncate, including some of his new and unreleased tracks. For more information on Truncate and Audio Injection, please go to:



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    Listen and download here


    01. The Fear Radio - Mutant Roach
    02. Billy Shane - Opan
    03. Falko Brocksieper - Galahad (Jonas Kopp Remix)
    04. Raiz & Jeff Derringer - Untitled
    05. Slick - Cue Move
    06. Hatikvah - In the Spirit (Rod Modell & Deepchord Vector and Velocity Remix)
    07. Diego - Mind Detergent (Robert Hood Mix 1)
    08. S100 - Discharge
    09. Never Existed Boy - A-Non Place
    10. Damon Wild - Untitled
    11. Developer - Programma (Truncate Remix)
    12. Truncate - Truncate Tool
    13. Planetary Assault Systems - Cold Bolster
    14. The Subjective - Like Warriors
    15. NX01
    16. DVS1 - Behind Lines
    17. Truncate - Beat Tool
    18. Truncate - Transients V2
    19. Truncate - Transients (Drumcell Remix)
    20. Truncate - Truncate.18
    21. Delta Funktionen - Torpor
    22. B1 Remote Control
    23. Regis - Cold Water
    24. Planet Of Drums - Tribal Cement
    25. James Ruskin - Massk
    26. Chevel - Fulcron
    27. CZR - Beat Bleep
    28. Paul Birken - Speaker Freak
    29. DBX - Live Wire
    30. Jeff Mills - The Hand Is Faster Than The Eye
    31. Truncate - Truncate.25
    32. Tracy - Bonk
    33. Claudio Masso - Absenz
    34. Oscar Mulero - Rotation
    35. Truncate - 21 (DJ Hyperactive Remix)
    36. Truncate & Raiz - Rhythm