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    Get Chris Liebing's Additional Moby Remixes Exclusively on!

    September 02, 2011

    Hey Everyone!

    As I did the Remix for Moby, I came up with two more Versions. A "Dub" Version that may be more playable for some of you, who are not too much into the singing bits and an "Anti-Dub" Version for those of you who are really into the string and vocal bits.

    And thanks to Moby, we got permission to hand out these Versions for free on our Website

    For the Vinyl lovers out there: all three Versions (the original Mix included) are now out on Vinyl on CLR and available in our shop.

    hope you enjoy,


    Instructions: Go to the CLR Home Page and enter your email address in the "Moby Remix" box. You will automatically be sent the remix package to your inbox.

    If you are interested in purchasing "Lie Down in Darkness" the original Chris Liebing Remix in digital format, Click here as its available on Beatport.