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    Yeah, it's Monday again... 18th of July 2011! Welcome to the CLR Podcast 125 with a dj set from Terence Fixmer! Enjoy...

    July 18, 2011

    CLR Podcast 125 / Terence Fixmer

    Terence Fixmer is back on the CLR Podcast with a very special set, including several previously unreleased original tracks and remixes. Amongst them is his remix of Tommy Four Seven´s “Sevals”, which is physically released today, Monday July 18th 2011.
    Since the late 90s, Terence Fixmer has been one of the key figures in the French Techno scene and can already look back on four artist albums, as well as numerous releases on some of the most respected labels in the genre.

    Listen and download here

    If you want to know more about this exceptional artist, please read his short biography hereafter:


    Terence Fixmer is one of France’s most illustrated characters of the Techno scene, of which he has been at the forefront for over 10 successful years. Bringing his dark, atmospheric sound to prestigious dance floors that range from Berlin's mecca of Techno to Paris‘ Rex club. 
Equally at ease in the club or at a pure techno festival, Terence reached this respected level, without ever succumbing to excessive promotion or subscribing to the mainstream.
 Terence Fixmer’s sound, which deftly avoids repetition by developing soundscapes that appeal to the club crowd, whilst still maintaining musical depth and integrity.
 Sombre, defined by surging rhythmical structures, Terence’s music appeals as much to dancing feet, as it does to the searching soul. ....
    He above all preserves an original style, an increasingly experimental, simultaneously ruthless and unrelenting interpretation of modern Techno, instantly recognizable.

    2009/2010 :

    With his distinct music style and personality, Terence caught the attention of label owner Speedy J at a very early stage of the label. 
His first EP on Electric Deluxe ‘Machine’ (with Speedy J remix) was released in the beginning of 2009, followed by ‘Electric City’ (with Function & Speedy J remixes) in 2010.

    ‘Comedy of Menace’ is Terence new Album on Jochem Paap´s (Speedy J) Electric Deluxe label (release date: September 20th 2010).

    Comedy of Menace’ is Fixmer´s fourth Album. He already released two solo albums on DJ Hell’s Gigolo, the seminal “Muscle Machine” helped create a masterful fusion between old style industrial/EBM music and Techno (“Techno Body Music”) As many will know, Fixmer to this day has a side project Douglas McCarthy the legendary voice of seminal EBM band Nitzer Ebb (The Between The Devil album is a great chunk of dark aggressive Techno tinged industrial). Terence´s third album, “Fiction Fiction” released on his own ‘Planete Rouge’ imprint in 2009 and veered far more towards deep ambience, emotive and cinematic by turns.
    With ‘Comedy Of Menace’ Terence Fixmer created a true Techno album, with an instantly recognizable pure sound, a deep and dark atmosphere throughout. The album is in many ways hypnotizing and mental, yet keeps the energy and a effectiveness for the dancefloor.
    As Fixmer explains: “I wanted that people can feel a soul, a story, and the sound of every track to open up the imagination of the listener, creating images in their minds… It´s an art and a passion, my heart is bumping for electronic sounds. I love when the music is really coming from the heart of the machine, when the sound is pure and raw. Comedy of Menace suggests that although they are funny, they are also frightening or menacing in a vague and undefined way. Even as they laugh, the audience are unsettled, ill at ease and uncomfortable.
    Besides the album release in September, the EP 'Comedy Of Menace pt1.’ will be released with a Planetary Assault System mix. New remixes done for Niederflur, for Traversable Wormhole on Chris Liebing’s CLR and Echologist aka Brendon Moeller will appear in the coming months. On Top, his EP on Tiga’s Turbo will hit in November + a remix done for SEI A, and some music collaboration with Prologue artist to be revealed soon.....


    In summary: Two solo albums on Gigolo, DJ Hell’s mythical Munich-based label; the seminal “Muscle Machine” (1999) that single-handedly spearheaded a new style, “Techno Body Music” (a unique combination of modern techno and EBM of the founding fathers from Nitzer Ebb to Front 242); copious maxis on prestigious labels, such as Gigolo, Novamute, Datapunk, Different, Music Man; and remixes for various techno gods, from Sven Väth to Dave Clarke, DJ Hell, Radio Slave…
 Releases as well on Dave Clarke´s label White Noise rec.

    In addition to his solo productions, Terence also founded the duo, “Fixmer / McCarthy” in 2003, along with Nitzer Ebb’s legendary vocalist, Douglas McCarthy. The result of this partnership is two albums that unite the brutality of Techno Body Music and the sensuality of Pop. The duo has performed their energetic live sets at renowned clubs and festivals all across the globe.


    1. Untitled / Untitled
    2. Alexey Volkov : Playground
    3. Marcel Fengler : Thwack (Mike Parker remix)
    4. Alexey Volkov : Self Control
    5. T.S
    6. Sigha : Over The edge (shifted remix)
    7. Terence Fixmer : Dance Like Paranoid (Marcel Dettmann remix)
    8. Untitled:Untitled
    9. Gary Beck , Speedy J Vaag (stripped dub)
    10. Tommy Four Seven : Sevals (Terence Fixmer remix)
    11. Terence Fixmer : Kiss of Death
    12. Terence Fixmer : Le Terrible
    13. Giorgio Gigli, Obtane: You can't Hide
    14. Orphx : Vapour
    15. Giorgio Gigli : Indifferent Sight (Terence Fixmer remix)
    16. Daniel Bell : Science Fiction