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    New Resident Advisor Exchange Podcast Featuring Chris Liebing

    June 17, 2011

    A techno giant shares his journey.

    Irrepressible is probably the best word to describe Chris Liebing, whether you're referring to his preferred brand of hard-edged techno (once called schranz, before it become a loaded term), his enthusiasm for everything and everyone (follow his Twitter, and you'll see him talking to Boy George and Moby in addition to the usual suspects) or, of course, his grin—something Dustin Zahn once called "the thousand yard smile." It hasn't been easy, though. After getting his start in the electronic music world in the early '90s in the surprisingly vital town of Giessen, Liebing nearly gave it all up after his local techno club went under. Legendary Frankfurt techno club Omen, however, eventually came calling, and he hasn't looked back since. And with industrial-sized beats and his own CLR label undergoing a creative renaissance, things have never been better.

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