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    Welcome to the CLR Podcast 038 with Joel Mull in the mix! Enjoy...

    September 08, 2010

    Stockholm, Sweden. He started travelling around the globe more than a decade ago and quickly made himself well known as "the Swedish techno soul" of the electronic music world. Joel's passion for music really started in his early adolescence when he began attending a music school and spending all his time at the piano and keyboard.
    In the early nineties the new phenomena "Rave" caught his attention and his interest for electronic music and recording own material led to large sums of money being spent on drum machines, samplers and synthesizers. Soon the first 12" techno track was released, a collaboration between him and school friend ADAM BEYER. For over 3 years, 3 times a month, Joel was warming up, closing and playing along-side many of the important DJ's on the national and international circuit.
    Moving back to Stockholm in 1997 Joel had more time to focus on his productions and in early 1998 his own imprint INSIDE RECORDS was born. In the recent years Joel has focused on his DJ career more than ever which has led to a hectic touring schedule. His productions and releases are also getting more attention.
    In 2007 we saw a string of releases and collaborations from Joel with other top artists, but the most important release was of course his artist Album "The Observer" on Harthouse. He integrateded Ableton live into his DJ set and used the mixer 3D from Allen&Heath to combine the two systems. The result was fantastic. He will definitely be known as one of the few who more than rode but created the wave of electronic dance music and he will always be mentioned regarding Swedish techno!
    This year has been another great year for Joel.
    Before this years Winter Music Conference he got asked by his friend DJ/Producer Nic Fancuilli to mix a compilation with tracks from his Label Saved Records. It got featured as cover cd with the Magazine IDJ doing a WMC Special. And 30.000 units got spread around the world.
    At the moment Joel is working on a album due to be released 2010. He will also continue his residency on the Drumcode label parties that are going to go on tour next year starting in January in London at Ministry of Sound...