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    Yeah, it's monday again... 25th of April 2011! Welcome to the CLR Podcast 113 with a dj set from Par Grindvik in the mix! Enjoy...

    April 25, 2011

    Pär Grindvik originally hails from Stockholm and has been at the center of the Swedish electronic music movement
    since the nineties. As a record store-owner (Illegal Stockholm), musician, producer and dj. Over the past ten years he founded the record labels: Stockholm ltd, Islands & Islets and the more recent Sinister label. Each Label tells its very own story and every inch of Pär’s work, including the labels, artwork, release info and music, is wrapped with a lot of heart and emotion. All this to maintain the spark and curiosity in a world of ever changing artistic adaptations. In 2010, together with his booking agent and label manager Nina Tillberg Pär co-founded the artist and label agency Apelago.


    Pär Grindvik - Sinister Re-enter - Sinister
    S100 - Krowork (Tom Dicicco Signal 2.1 Mix) - Stockholm LTD
    S100 - Discharge - Stockholm LTD
    Tba - Tba (Skudge remix) - Stockholm LTD
    Rejected - For The People (Ben klock Remix) - Rejected
    Pär Grindvik - Sinister (Samuel L Session Remix) - Sinister
    Lee J Malcom - One Star (James Ruskin Remix)
    Tony Rohr - Slowburn (Jerome Sydenham) - Weave
    LFO - Blown - Warp
    Pär Grindvik - Sinister (Gary Beck Remix) - Sinister
    Broom & Ruskin - The Future That Was - Blueprint
    Surgeon - Scorn - Tresor
    Oscar Mulero - Ceres - Labrynth
    Steve Stoll - Totem - Proper N.Y.C
    Diego - B1 - Uturn
    S Carassi - Drumline - Drumcode
    Raiz Feat Function - Keep Secrets (Jerome Sydenham & Function Remix - Droid
    Mike Parker - Subterranean Liquid - Prologue
    Oscar Mulero - Road To Pleasure - Warm Up
    S100 - Intern Stockholm LTD
    Staffan Linzatti - View From Collapsing Center - Stockholm LTD
    Benny Grauer - Tba (Grindvik Remix) - Deep Circus Records
    Pär Grindvik - Sinister Re-enter - Sinister