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    March 21, 2011

    End of March 2011, CLR (Create – Learn – Realize) will release the debut album “Primate” of British born and Berlin based DJ, producer and sound designer Tommy Four Seven.

    Due to its unconventional and innovative production ethos, the record sets itself apart from the majority of contemporary Techno productions. Tommy Four Seven did not use any of the traditional percussion and beat sounds, such as hi hats, snares, rides, shakers or claps nor did he choose to work with synthesizers. Instead he used field recordings as the catalyst to shape rhythm and sound, many of which he recorded in his daily life in the city or on the road, are alienated beyond recognition. In addition to this, where most would use synthesizers, Tommy instead sculptured the engaging vocals of Emika, simply adding new and unusual textures to the sonic picture.

    Musically “Primate“ is as interesting as it is sonically. It is at the same time deep and hypnotic, driving and exhilarating, with downright unorthodox beat structures and sequences. It delivers everything we could expect from a current Techno production, without using a single cliché.

    When Chris Liebing first listened to it, he was immediately fascinated and amazed. This different avenue of Techno seemed to be perfectly in line with the new, slightly more free-spirited and experimental CLR philosophy. That is why apart from offering to release the record, he even got involved with the finishing touches of the production, helping to make (as Tommy called it) “the bass sound mega-hot”. “Primate” is a unique and uncompromising debut-album of a young and promising Techno pioneer.