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    Yeah, it's monday again... 7th of March 2011! Welcome to the CLR Podcast 106 with Joel Mull in the mix! Enjoy...

    March 07, 2011

    Joel Mull is a rare breed amongst electronic music producers. Classically trained on the piano from a young age, Joel’s musical understanding goes beyond the traditional primal dancefloor dynamics often associated with techno. Having been bitten by the techno bug before he left school, his career in music began in 1993, and has been moving upwards ever-since, projecting his soulful slant on the techno blueprint and in the process providing the more musical, emotive ying to the colder, percussive yang of traditional techno. As such Joel occupies a special place within the scene, respected for not just his forward-thinking musical output and long, winding sets of deep and melodic tones but also for being a hard-working professional who has spent his time well, progressively working his way up the techno ladder with a consistent, clearly defined musical style.

    Pawel - Kramik - + Birth Patrice Bäumel
    Dustin Zahn - I feel - Enemy Records
    Funk D Void - Hebrew Anagram - Outpost
    Agaric - Shot by Light - Ovum Recordings
    Nic Fanciulli - Caller I.D ( Radioslave remix) - Saved Records
    Slam - Night Train - Drumcode
    Hans Bouffmyhre - Pretenders - Eight sided Dice
    Brandt Brauer Frick - Corky - Tartelet Records
    Sian - Sacred Geography - Joel Mull remix - Octupus + Xhin  Blade moth tool.
    Ben Klock - Compression Session - Ostgut ton
    Joel Mull - Krauthouse - Truesoul
    Brian Sanhaji - 2000Watt - Sonata Music
    Agaric - Who Made up the Rules - Ovum recordings