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    Welcome to the CLR Podcast 103 with Alex Bau in the mix! Enjoy...

    February 14, 2011

    today’s electronic dance music. His versatile and effective production technique has gained him a long list of releases on various renowned labels.
    There are not many djs of this type. Djs who believed in Techno from the first minute, djs who experienced Techno from the very beginning, djs who made Techno their own thing. Djs who found their own style, even more, who developed it over the years, djs who´s name is the expression for a specific sound. Alex Bau is one of them. Why focusing on just one style of music? Why only minimal sounds? Why only Techno? Why? If you can have it all…
    There has been a time before Techno for Alex Bau. Thousands of records in his collection, different styles, different music, for sure something that leaves its marks, no doubt about it. Still he is doing Depeche Mode-Nights from time to time, just for fun, and his activities on Techno doesn`t really suffer from that, not at all! With his 5 or even more hours sets at his first resident club the „Libella“ in his south-east-bavarian home-area, where for example also DJ Hell started his career back in the 80ies, he achieved the reputation as somebody who is totally aware of what he is doing, totally dedicated to it and also totally loving it. He had his own radio show for over 2 years on a local radio station, still so far the only Techno show in this area. After countless gigs at local clubs, he also started to play at other places all over the planet and continues doing so.

    Techno can do a lot, if you let it do so. That`s the credo. His credo.


    01. Hans Bouffmyhre - Good Bye Anxiety (Harthouse)
    02. Alan Fitzpatrick - A Small Decline (Mark Broom Remix) (Drumcode)
    03. Justin Berkovi - Industry 101 (Adam Jay Remix) (Promo)
    04. Flug - 13d (Pfirter Remix) (Driving Forces)
    05. Gary Beck - Yes (Promo)
    06. Chris Hope - Reconsider (Techno League)
    07. James Ruskin - Work (Steve Rachmad Remix) (Blueprint)
    08. Minimize Me (Steve Parker Remix) (Promo)
    09. Psyk - Anthem (Mind Trip Music)
    10. Romboy & Bodzin - Phobos (Synthapella) (Systematic)
    11. Emptyset - Alltogether Lost (CLR)
    12. Alex Bau - Center Angle (unreleased)